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I just had this…

I just had this great idea for a story in the shower. Wish I could remember it. –said every writer

Misongynists Say the Darndest Things

If you’re lucky you’ve never heard of the MRA (Men’s Rights Activism) and the website A Voice for Men. The idea sounds innocent enough: advocating for the rights of fathers in divorce cases. Maybe that’s how it started… somewhere, at some time, but that’s not what MRA is about.

It’s about a bunch of misogynist dickheads patting each other on the back for their misogyny. And they say the dumbest (most infuriating) things.

Thanks to Man Boobz (a blog dedicated to mocking these nutcases) I found this nugget of an article at A Voice for Men.

The author, Clint Carpentier, rants on about how the poor, abused men are forgotten about when the women start pushing out babies. Who will think of the men!

Here’s some of his more douchey observations:

Giving birth is an amazing feat of zero skill, and it still amazes me. It amazes me that this is the epitome, the pinnacle, the supposed female trump card to all male accomplishments.

Your life is in jeopardy for a matter of hours, a few times in your life. The number is less than three if you’re an educated career woman. Of course lesser educated educated, less talented, less professionally accomplished women, tend to have far greater experience in the field of giving birth.

This is the only “job” affording prestige, praise, and credit, for just exercising a biological function. So, why is it a trump card? If I hadn’t spayed her, my dog could do it.

You see, if I am correct, and it is only fathers who suffer this abuse, then delivery of such injury is selective. I can see no call for it. In fact, fathers-to-be should avoid the maternity ward altogether, as they are obviously not welcome. If birthing is license to mistreat, abuse, or injure a father in the witness of medical professionals, then what deterrent exists, preventing continued abuse in private?

In just these four passages he really lets you know what he thinks: birth takes little skill, it’s just biology, nothing more; labor isn’t that big of a deal; stupid women have more kids; woman are barely above dogs (and possibly should be spayed); and believes that men have it harder in the delivery room than the women because of, “…have also seen the scratches and bite marks, on the fathers who braved the maternity ward.”

OMG! Scratches! Bites! He also mentions loud yelling. The horror. Can’t we think of these abused men? Their lives are in danger every time their wives give birth.

I’ve never gone through labor. I had five c-sections, though, and a miscarriage. The miscarriage was agony. The pain was almost unbearable and I didn’t have to push an 8 pound baby out of my vagina in the end. But the men!!! they might get scratched.

The really amazing part of his rant is that he mentions he got off easy because his wife had to have a c-section (which he did not attend). This guy has a wife? He procreated? I feel for this woman. She lives in a highly abusive house going by the things this guy said. His attitude towards women is that they are put on this earth to serve men, are inferior, stupid, unable to do anything without a man holding their hand, and most importantly, they are evil and trying to destroy men. God, I hope he didn’t have a daughter.

The whole time I read his article I kept thinking, “this can’t be real, no real man would say something so idiotic,” but sadly, I know these guys are out there. The number of responses agreeing with him confirms it.

They say it’s all women’s fault that the world is going to hell, what with them wanting to work and vote and be considered people. The shame.

But in reality, it’s pricks like this guy that are bringing the country down. They want to bring us back a hundred years when a woman “knew her place” and beating them wasn’t just legal, it was expected. Luckily, these stains on humanity are outnumbered by the many, many kind and respectful men out there.

I don’t normally advocate domestic violence, but in this case I hope his wife comes to her senses, kicks him right in the balls then takes him to the cleaners in the divorce. I’m sure that will give fuel to his indignation and more proof of the evilness of women. But, come on, this guy deserves it.

What’s the Point of a Pseudonym?

As a writer, I’ve considered what my name would look like on a book cover (come on, admit you do it, too). The fact of the matter is I share my name with a very big Hollywood actress, although I used the shortened version of our first name. A few months ago a discussion on Facebook got me thinking about whether I would want to use a different name. And after careful consideration, I think I actually do. So here’s the big reveal… the name I chose:

Jean Connelly

OMG! It’s amazing, it’s awesome, it’s… only one letter different than my real name. I know, I’m such a dork. Jean was my mother’s middle name and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. A quick google search doesn’t bring up anyone significant which is cool.

That’s actually not the point of this blog. “Darn,” you say, “she always does that. Get to the point already.”

Earlier I was perusing the blogs of some authors I like. One mentioned she was releasing a new book she co-authored and it’s nothing like her other books, so she’s going to use a different name to publish it. Okay, fair enough. If I suddenly started writing erotica I sure wouldn’t want my real name on it. Then she said, she’d attach her real name to it at first (for the publicity, I assume) but eventually she’s going to phase herself out and just be the pseudonym.


I just don’t get that. What’s the point of writing something under a different name if you’re just going to put your real name on there anyway? I suppose if this was 1955, once the initial publicity wore off no one would remember who she really was when her real name was removed. But this is 2014 and we have the internet. A quick search and any book she wrote will be attached to her real name.

Jennifer L. Armentrout did this. When she started publishing more… um, racy, fiction. She used an alternate name: J. Lynn.


What’s the point of the alternate name if you’re going to use your New York Times bestselling name in big bold letters? Seriously? And that whole thing with JK Rowling?

I thought having a pseudonym (in these kind of circumstances, not just using a different name in general) was to keep your real identity hidden. But it seems today, it’s just some kind of advertising ploy. A branding thing?

I just don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain it to me.


Review: Played by Liz Fichera

Review of Played by Liz Fichera

played  Started:4/6/14 ; finished: 4/7/14

Goodreads rating: 5/5 stars

  my rating: AWWWWW (with extra aww)

  pages: 352

found: netgalley

Last year I read this book, Hooked, that I really loved about a girl named Fred who wins her way onto the boys’ golf team at her high school and eventually wins the heart of her partner, Ryan. At the end was a sneak peak of the next book in the series. This book. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an arc thanks to the people at Harlequin TEEN and netgalley. I was thrilled.

Played is the story of Fred’s friend Sam who has a huge crush on her, and Ryan’s younger sister, Riley, who wants a change in her life. The know of each other in passing because of Ryan and Fred’s relationship. In fact, Sam has already decided he can’t stand Riley simply because she’s Ryan’s sister. The two officially meet on a leadership retreat in the woods. They, of course, get paired for the scavenger hut and that one action leads to a snowball of crazy events that simultaneously drive them together and pull them apart.

Just like with Hooked, I thought the story was sweet and liked that the romantic (or potentially romantic) relationship between Riley and Sam wasn’t the whole focus of the book. The story followed Riley’s attempts at getting Sam and Fred together, which meant breaking up Fred and her brother. Nothing, and I mean nothing, goes to plan. And Riley seems oblivious to the fact that Sam doesn’t want her help or to win Fred over. In fact, as the story goes on it’s obvious his feelings for Fred have changed and no matter what he says, Riley won’t listen until she’s completely screwed everything up—her brother’s relationship, Sam’s life, her life, everything. Both Sam and Riley were a little on the clueless side when it came to feelings and what they wanted. The way they danced around each other without even realizing what they wanted was right in front of them was cute. There was lots of misunderstandings that lead to angst. And did I mention the angst. If you like that kind of thing. Which I do.

From the beginning, whether unwilling partners on the hunt for pine cones or working together on Riley’s plan or figuring out how to be friends, Riley and Sam were adorable together. If you liked Hooked, or just love stories where everything is a disaster until the end when the characters finally realize they already have what they want then this is the book for you.

Lucy’s Lifeline Fundraiser 3/19/14

Originally posted on daleyperspective:

In honor of Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancer Awareness Day, Lucy’s Lifeline will be hosting a fundraiser at Beggars Pizza. Beggars Pizza will donate 20% of all sales (dine in, carry out, and delivery) to Lucy’s Lifeline. Lucy’s Lifeline was established in 2012 to help promote awareness, build support, and fund research on Lynch Syndrome.
**Flyer must be presented at time of purchase** Lucy’s_Lifeline_3-19-14
Please print off several to share with friends and family. Also, please fee free to forward this email on to anyone you feel may be interested.
The following Beggars locations will be participating in this fundraiser:
  • Oak Forest
  • Orland Park
  • Merrionette Park
  • Lansing
  • Crown Point
  • Blue Island (127th & Kedzie)
  • Chicago (Wrigley)
Thank you in advance for your continued support and feel free to contact me directly with any questions!!<img class=”size-full wp-image” id=”i-469″

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The Amazing Story Generator (week 6)

Last one for awhile. I’m having fun with these, and getting some really crazy combos.

With only a week to live, a computer hacker has a showdown with a sheriff.

With only a week to live, a computer hacker has a showdown with a sheriff.


Another really odd prompt. I keep thinking of Eureka fanfic. So how come the hacker only has a week to live? Is it natural causes or did he mess with the wrong people? Why in the world is he trying to take down the sheriff if he’s about to die? Lots of different ways this one could go.

So tell me how you think it all fits together, or write a short story based on the prompt.

The Amazing Story Generator (week 5)

Another Monday, another prompt. Don’t forget you don’t have to write an actual story. Just tell us about what you think is happening (and voila! that’s how a story starts).


Following a disastrous job interview, a North Korean scientist inadvertently starts World War III.

I swear to god this came up randomly and I couldn’t stop laughing. This is where fiction hits a little too close to reality. Would make a great comedy of errors. Or a really depressing post-apocalypse story.

The Amazing Story Generator (week 4)

So, I’m having way too much fun with this book. So many interesting combinations of ideas.

On vacation for the first time in years, a world weary intelligence agent creates a family of robots.

On vacation for the first time in years, a world weary intelligence agent creates a family of robots.

So what’s the story behind this one? Why does the guy create a family of robots? Is he lonely? Did his family die or leave him while he was off on a mission? Maybe the family of robots are a bunch of clones meant to make his life easier? What did he do as a CIA agent (or pick your choice of intelligence agency here)? This could be made into something serious and deep or something completely silly.

The Amazing Story Generator (week 3)

On to the prompt:

After receiving a life-changing prophecy, the world's tallest woman founds a nudist colony.

After receiving a life-changing prophecy, the world’s tallest woman founds a nudist colony.

Oooookay. I don’t even know what to think of this one. What kind of life-changing prophecy would cause someone to open a nudist colony? Does being super tall help determine the woman’s direction? This could be a very interesting story.

So why don’t you write it? Or tell us about what you think is going on.

getting paid nothing for something

Fiverr.com is a website where you can sell and buy services for just about anything. And all for $5 each. I heard about it a Facebook group. I signed up about a week ago with no real expectations. My “gig” (as they call them) is to create a simple ebook cover. Since then I’ve had six orders, have put dozens of hours into projects and have made a whole $20! (I get $4, the website gets $1 of the $5.)

It’s stupid and a rip-off for the amount of work I do but it’s kept me relaxed the last week. When I’m not studying or watching the Walking Dead I’m working on layouts. I really wish I could have minored in Graphic Design but it isn’t offered online.


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