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Life’s an Adventure

We we went to Target a little while ago to find some goggles for the kids and pick up a few school supplies.  No big deal.  We get to Target and get our stuff and leave.

We are turning out of the parking lot onto a busy 6 lane road (Cicero Ave for those of you from Chicago) when we heard this clunk and the right rear side dropped.  My first thought was the tire just blew.  Then there was this awful grinding sound and another clunk and then the tire was rolling across the intersection and we were grinding the axle into the ground. It was insane.

We pulled over to the curb and Patrick ran out into traffic to collect our tire and the bits and pieces of our break pads and roter that were all over the freaking street.

And that was it.  We were royally screwed sitting in Chicago traffic, car and busses and trucks zipping by us.  The truck is all screwed up.  The tire sheered off at the lug nuts and got caught up under the bed and tore up the side of the truck when it broke free and rolled.  The part where the tire connects to the car is a mess.  The lugs are all broke in half and it’s bent all to hell.

That happened at about 1:55pm.  I called my dad to find us a tow truck.  He called AAA (which we aren’t members of but he took a chance) and they called Patrick and told him it would be between 2:15 and 4pm.  WTF.  He’s sitting in traffic for crying out loud.  Yes, he’s still there.

Me and the kids started walking around 2pm.  We were a couple miles from home and it is 90 degrees out with high humidity.  About half way home we stopped at a park to get some cold water.  All we had was a bottle of Dr. Pepper (which I was drinking) and a bottle of warm water that we keep in the car.  Nora was in the stroller (luckily we had it in the car) and the other kids were walking.

We were almost to the park when Brenna showed me her sandals were giving her this huge blister on the side of her foot (we can NOT find shoes that don’t give her blisters…poor kid).  So at the park she switched with Nora and rode the rest of the way home in the stroller and Nora (who is 2) walked.

I distracted the kids from the distance and heat by telling them to imagine we were on an adventure, like Indiana Jones.  So they started coming up with all sorts of stuff, like we crash landed in the jungle and had to cross a river with crocadiles and stuff.  Nora started getting really fussy the last block and didn’t want to hold my hand or ride on Brenna’s lap.

I was never so happy to see home and know we had the AC cranked up in the house.  It took us about an hour and 20 minutes to walk home.  I can walk about 2 1/2 miles in one hour so I’d say we walking just over 2 miles.  It wouldn’t have been so bad except for the heat which really got to me.  The kids want to go swimming but I have a blinding migraine right now and just want to lie down…that is after I eat because I never got breakfast or lunch before we left.  I took a breakfast shake out to eat but started cleaning up the baby’s room and never drank it.

Then the kids got lunch but they were so crazy in the kitchen I told them I would wait and get it later.  Just as I was about to go get my lunch Patrick said it was time to go to the store.  UGh.  All I had up until now was a peanut butter cup as we left Target (thankfully otherwise my blood sugar would have bottomed out as we walked in the heat and that would have been bad).

So that was our adventure for the day and hopefully for the rest of the year.  Patrick is still waiting for the wrecker to come get the truck, my dad is heading over there to keep him company.  This is going to cost a pretty penny to fix.  Hopefully we have enough.  We are just getting by now with a little extra to spare each month and have $1200 saved up which we were going to use to visit his mom in Missouri and for Christmas and now it is gone.  I just hope it is enough to fix the damage.


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