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Dr. Horrible is finished

I am actually quite sad.  I’m sad that the show/movie is over.  It was such a great story and fun to watch.  And I’m sad about how it ended.  I should have expected that from Joss, though.  The guy never gets the girl in the end.  Poor Angel got screwed over twice.  He never got to be with Buffy and he never got to be with Cordy either.  Buffy didn’t end up with Angel or Spike, the two that loved her most.

So what posessed me to think Dr. Horrible would end up with his love.  I was almost in tears.  And the whole thing pushes Billy (why does it crack me up that his name is Billy) over the edge and he really becomes evil.  Captain Hammer loses it which was the best.

The songs were great.  I’ve watched Act 1 three times and now have the songs stuck in my head.  I plan to get the soundtrack whenever it is released.  I was really cracking up in Act 3 when Hammer was singing to the homeless people, he would lift them up and then insult them in the next sentence.  It was hilarious.

All the Dr. Horrible/Penny songs were great.

Joss needs to do more of these.  It was fun, hilarious and unique.  If you want to catch it go see it now at drhorrible.com.  All 3 acts are up now and you can watch today and tomorrow and after that they go bye-bye (well, you can still download them from itunes fora while…for a price).  I’ve got them on itunes and plan to buy the DVD, too.  I’m such a nerd (I write as I sit here in my Dr. Horrible shirt that I bought at jinx.com–I’m just plugging everything tonight, err, I mean this morning).


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