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random thought of the day…7.18.08

Yeah, so it’s 2 hours into the 19th but whatever.

Random Thought:

I like turkey bacon…a lot.  It is really yummy.  I made some for our burgers the other day and there was some left over and I found myself munching on it, cold, as I went up the stairs to go brush my teeth.  Sad, really.

Me and my dad both agree that we now prefer turkey bacon over regular bacon.  I also bought some “heat and serve” turkey sausage and the kids loved it.  It was so good and less fattening then regular sausage.

Okay, now I’m hungry.  Maybe I’ll make pancakes, sausage and bacon for dinner tomorrow (you thought I was going to say breakfast, didn’t you…like I’m getting up to make breakfast in a few hours).


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2 thoughts on “random thought of the day…7.18.08

  1. LOL. Have you tried stuffing turkey burgers with turkey bacon. That is the meal I made last night. If you haven’t, go ahead and try it and let me know how you like it.



  2. justanotherjen on said:

    I never thought of that, but my son does put turkey bacon on his turkey burgers (along with a lot of other stuff). I’m still eating regular burgers. We do eat turkey tacos, though, which is what we’re having for dinner tonight.


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