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My kids’ weights

So, I’m sure I’ll mention it a few times on this blog eventually.  I have 4 kids.  My oldest just turned 8 a month ago and she is the skinniest kid I have ever seen.  Which I find hilarious considering I am almost 250lbs and have been overweight most of my life, as is my dad, and his mom before him…it’s in our genes, so to speak.

So, always concerned with her weight and lack of eating the healthy food I cook for her, I got her on the scale along with her siblings to do a weight check.

She is 8 years, 1 month old and 40.6lbs.  Yes, my 8yo weighs 40lbs and has since last October.  She was 38lbs when she started the school year last September but I think they caught her on a light day.

She’s the smallest kid in her class (going into 3rd).  All the other kids tower over her.  She is only 47.5″ tall.  She wears a size 6slim and if they don’t have an adjustable waist they will fall off of her.

Anyway, I weighed the other kids to see where they were at.  My son is 6 1/2 (he’ll be 7 in October) and he weighs 56lbs and is 4’2″ tall (well, almost that tall).  He’s been heavier then his older sister since he was like 8 months old (when he hit 20lbs).  He’s been taller then her for a few years now.

Brenna, my 5 1/2 yo (6 in November) was 43lbs.  She is 2 1/2″ shorter then her sister but now weighs 3lbs more then her.  The two have been the same weight for the last 2 years.  But Brenna is steadily gaining on Meagan in height.  Just 2 years ago Meagan was 6″ taller then Brenna.  Now there is less then 3 inches between them.  Uh-oh.  They already wear the same size summer clothes and mostly fit into the same winter clothes, although Brenna could never fit comfortably into a slim of any size.  She can wear a 6 or a 7 (with the hem rolled up).  Meagan couldn’t fit into a 7 if her life depended on it, even a 7slim would be gigantic on her.

Then there’s my 2yo.  She’s obviously the smallest since she is so much younger then the other kids but she is quickly catching up to Meagan, too.  She’s 35″ tall (10″ shorter then Brenna) and weighs 26lbs.  Perfectly average for a 2yo.  In fact she wears mostly 3T clothes now and her 2T pants are too short on her.  The clothes she is wearing now are the same stuff Meagan wore at 3.

My kids just amaze me.  I am constantly shocked at how different they all are considering they have the same parents.  And their weight really fascinates me since I’ve always been overweight.  They must get their skinny genes from my husband, lol.

So in recap from heaviest to lightest:

  • Owen, 56lbs, almost 7 years old
  • Brenna, 43lbs, almost 6 years old
  • Meagan, 40lbs, 8 years old
  • Nora, 26lbs, 2 years old

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