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scrapbook page of the day

Another “just finished” page, or as I like to say, “hot off the presses,” not that there are any presses.

Anyway.  I did this one for a challenge at thedigichick.com.  We were supposed to use a stark white or plain black background and use lots of color that “popped.”  I chose to do black since I have no problem making layouts on plain white backgrounds (I like the graphic look of them).  The problem I have with black backgrounds is if I want to print them it will suck up all my black ink and I like to print all my layouts.

Since my printer is out of color ink anyway I decided to go for it.  I can’t print anything right now.  I also got to use some new kits I bought last night from funkyplayground.com.  They were all cheap.  Two I got for full price (around $6) but the others I got for $1-$2 each and they were huge kits with lots of bright fun colors (like the heart, word art and green strip of paper).

I really had no plan going into this layout.  I just opened the nicest black paper I had and stared at it for awhile.  Then I picked a photo.  I liked this one of my youngest daughter, Nora, because it was already pretty black behind her so her face just lit up.  I extracted her and stuck her on the black paper and then stared some more.

I noticed the pink and green of her shirt really stood out so I knew those were my colors to use and went searching my stash for appropriate papers and embellishments.  It was fun.  I just grabbed anything that was in the color scheme and caught my eye.  I also used things like brads and eyelets which I rarely put on my pages.  Fun, fun, fun.  Not sure if I will print it when I get ink, though.  I think my printer would have a nervous breakdown, lol.  I guess I’ll save it for when I have my pages professionally printed.


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2 thoughts on “scrapbook page of the day

  1. froggylove on said:

    That is beautiful. I am so not creative enough to scrapbook. I tried, and utterly failed.


  2. justanotherjen on said:

    It’s not really as hard as it looks. It has taken me over 2 years to get to this point in my scrapping and I still have much to learn. My first pages were crap. I just copy stuff I like that other people make and read tutorials/magazines.


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