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nothing random yesterday and nascar

So, I realized as I went to bed last night that I didn’t do a random thought of the day.  I was just so tired yesterday for some reason.  I got up around 10am and spent most of the day trying to stay awake.  Blah.

I did get breakfast…er, lunch for the kids.  When I got up I had to break in my dad’s new waffle iron.  So we had waffles, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, O’brien potatoes and eggs (for everyone but me–I don’t like eggs).  It was good but it wasn’t ready until after 11am, making it pretty much lunch.  Meagan wasn’t here to tell me it was actually “brunch” like she normally does.

I did stay awake for the entire nascar race yesterday.  Jimmie Johnson just couldn’t have a tire go down on the last lap could he?  My guy came in 2nd, though, so I’m happy.

Other then that nothing happened yesterday.  Meagan came home after spending 3 nights at her friend’s house and was cranky as hell (as usual).  Everytime I say no more spending the night but we always give in because one less kid to deal with is just…well, one less kid to deal with.  The house was so quiet all weekend without her screaming at everyone.

That was my whole day.  I tossed in 2 loads of laundry, had leftovers for dinner and went to bed at 9pm because I just couldn’t stay awake any longer.


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