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scrapbook page of the day

Here’s one of the first pages I did and represents my graphic style that I like.  (The black frame around it is just to see where the page ends…it isn’t there in the real page).

This is my husband and our three daughters in April 2006, the day we brought the youngest home.  I really liked the center picture.  I told them to all look down at the baby.  My favorite, though, is the one of my husband and Nora together (top right).  And I was lucky to get a nice one of Meagan because she threw an utter fit and refused to be in most of the pictures.  I was tired and in pain after my c-section and didn’t want to deal with her.

The layout is pretty simple.  Just thepictures with the black frames.  There are no shadows.  The only element I didn’t make was the little bow.  Everything else was done with PhotoImpact 8, I think (it was awhile ago so I don’t really remember).

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