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haven’t been ignoring the blog

I haven’t been ignoring this blog, I’ve just been busy. I was trying to complete a bunch of scrapbook pages but my mind froze up on me and I got frustrated as nothing was getting done (damn ADD). So I shifted gears to something else, namely the Sims 2. I haven’t played a big chunk of time at once in years. Usually I play for an hour or something and then I done for the next few days. Or I play off and on all day but only 30 minute intervals because I can’t concentrate.

Last night I turned the game on and decided to start a new legacy family (check here for more info on the legacy family challenge). I don’t play by all the rules, just the basic ones. I create a founder, he (it’s almost always a guy for me…don’t know why) moves into the 5×5 lot. He only marries townies or NPC. The heir has to live on the property at all times, can’t not save and quit when something bad happens and no cheats (other then for bugs).

I’m not sure what new rules and handicaps they have created over at the legacy challenge site (I haven’t checked it in awhile) but I decided to play my newest family a little different. They are going to live off the land as much as possible.

I started off by creating John Farmer and his dog, Ranger in CAS. They live in Farmer…what a coincidence. John moved into the 5×5 lot that I created surrounded by farmland, very pretty.

I have found the perfect layout for legacy houses and built him a little place to live. You start with a 4×5 house. Then on one side partition off a 1 wide by 3 long room (that’s the bathroom). Inside the bathroom put the toilet and the cheap UNI shower (if you have it). In the space left in the room under the bathroom add a sink. Put the door to the house next to the sink. Put a door to the bathroom in the middle of the toilet/shower.

But the fridge, a shelf and a stove (it really helps to have UNI otherwise you won’t be able to afford most of this stuff) against the far wall. Next to that put a cheap table and 1 chair.

Next to the door put a bed with the head of the bed near the door, that way you can put a book shelf at the foot of the bed.

And that’s the house. No windows or wall coverings. Tile on the bathroom floor helps otherwise you get weeds. With the dog I also had to add a food bowl (outside) and a cheap doghouse. Don’t forget a room if you have Seasons otherwise it will rain/snow inside.

Now here’s where my idea came in.  I had to create special rules for myself.  John wasn’t allowed to get a job, non of the heirs are.  No one in the house works.  I thought this was going to be hard, but John has been doing okay for himself.

He stated digging for treasure not long after his house was finished.  This is a fairly lucrative way to make a living.  Even if he only digs up rocks and bones they are worth 25-75 simoleons (for rocks) and 55 simoleons (for bones).  They add up.  The first day he made three times what the average sim makes in a starter job.  I sold everything through the buy mode after he found them (by putting them on the lawn, switching to buy mode and grabbing and deleting).

After the first day I decided he could dig all day but couldn’t sell anything until after he was in bed for the night.  This created more issues since he ran out of money doing some upgrades to his house the 2nd night.  I didn’t think anything of it until the dog needed a bath and he didn’t have enough for a bathtub and he had to sell all him improvements to get the tub before the next day (the dog was miserable).

But after that his luck changed.  Three days in a row he dug up a treasure chest which is worth 5000 simoleons.  JACKPOT!  That was along with some other collectible things.  By then he had about 12,000 simoleons in the bank so he expanded his house, got a TV and comfy chair and started to make some friends.

I decided another rule was he couldn’t marry the first week and that after the first week he had to open his own business to sell his goods instead of selling in buy mode.  This complicated things because he couldn’t spend all day digging for treasure if he was manning his business.  I also decided he would farm.  It was almost winter at the time so he wasn’t planting anything when his business opened.

His quality of living was going up.  He eventually built a seperate bedroom and expanded the bathroom and kitchen, bought new appliances, a sofa, a new dog bed for Ranger and more windows.  He now had a real house and he did it without having a wife.  Usually with legacy families I try to get them married off as soon as possible to get the added money that a spouse sometimes brings in so they can expand and have extra income.

John didn’t need it.  He was living happily and better off then my average sim family.  Even as a family sim he was never lonely, what with Ranger to play with in between digging and running his business and Marylena (or whatever her name is) calling all hours of the day.

So then he goes to the general store (that I created) and buys a dog-mate for Ranger.  Her name is Carly and they got along great.  It wasn’t long before the three were all good friends.  They had money in the bank and things were going well so John took some time to get to meet his crush, Allyn.  He was getting to know her when tragedy struck thanks to a game bug.

The dog dish got turned around and Ranger almost starved to death before I realized what was wrong, which was about 1/2 a second too late and animal control came and took the dogs.  I was so mad.  Carly had just gotten pregnant.  Ergh.  John went about his life, determined to get married and earn enough money to adopt back his dogs.

Him and Allyn got married a few days later and a couple days after that he got Carly back (who, unfortunetly wasn’t pregnant any more).  It took another day and a half of digging and selling to get the 1900 needed to adopt Ranger back.  Both dogs were very happy to see John and it wasn’t long before Carly was pregnant again, woohoo!

So John and Allyn spent their days digging for treasure, taking care of the garden (the tomatoes didn’t fair very well but the strawberries they have planted now are thriving) and running the business selling what they find.  They are open almost every day and make almost 1000 simoleons a day.  Their business has 3 stars now, I think and both are happy.

Carly had her puppies but they didn’t have the room or the resources to keep all 4 of them.  They were named Razzle (boy), Dazzle (girl), Sparkle (girl) and Moe (boy).  They kept Dazzle and put the rest up for adoption.

Not long after that Allyn got pregnant which should complicate things since, although they are doing good for themselves, they don’t have enough in the bank to add a 2nd bedroom.  John’s going to be busy digging holes for the next few sim days.  He’s only got about 8 or 9 days until he becomes an elder (he married late in life).

The goal of this entire family is to create a productive farm and business and keep them going through all the generations.


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