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that’s what I like to see

My husband made me sit down and watch the last 22 laps of the race today.  I was planning on watching all of it but just felt…blah and played the sims instead and went swimming for an hour with the kids.

I was glad I watched because I got to see my favorite driver, Carl Edwards win!  WOOHOO!  Go Carl.  That’s 4 wins for him.  And Harvick came in 4th.

We have a family league thing going.  Every year we each pick 3 or 4 drivers and keep track of them through the year with our own point system.  Last year was our first year doing it.  I had Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, David Gilliland and Dale Jarrett.  I lost, lol.  I finished dead last thanks to Jarrett not starting a lot of the races but it is all in fun.

It came down to the very last race for our league.  Between my husband and my oldest daughter.  My daughter started out the season in like 4th place, then slowly climbed up and then was winning most of the year with Johnson, Stewart, McMurray and Montoya.  But after the last race Daddy pulled ahead by just a few points and won it, lol.  She was so mad.

This year we cut back to 3 drivers each because it is easier to keep track of, although, neither of us has done up the points yet.

Hubby has Kurt Busch, Jeff Burton and Casey Mears.

I have Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Brian Vickers.

Meagan has Jamie Mc Murray (her favorite driver since she was like 3), Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart.

Owen has Denny Hamlin, Junior and Biffle (I think).

Brenna has Bobby Labonte (her absolute favorite driver…she even named her puppy after him), Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth.

Nora (who has no favorites yet…we just picked some leftovers last year for her) has Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer and Ryan Newman (I think).

Anyway, I’ll bet anything Brenna has our championship locked in this year.

We actually do the points up two different ways (since me and my husband couldn’t agree on a system).  Mine is simple.  For qualifying the pole gets 18 points (last year it was 24 because we each had 4 drivers).  Every other spot gets one less.  Winning the race gets you 36 points (again, last year it was 48).  Each consecutive spot is 2 less points (2nd is 34, 3rd is 32, etc).

There are no bonus points in my system (yet, I might add some in, though).  The most points you can get for any race is 54 and the least amount you can get is 3 as long as you qualify (0pts if you don’t actually make the race).

With this system last year Jeff Gordon won our championship by over 100 points, but my husband’s team with Burton, Kurt Busch, Truex and Mears won over Meagan’s team of Stewart, Johnson, McMurray and Montoya.  Gordon’s team came in 3rd.

I found the whole thing interesting.  I forget who won with my husband’s convoluted points system.


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