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Neil Patrick Harris

I’ve seen many, many reviews for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog and I’m baffled as to why NPH is only ever mentioned for being Doogie Howser and playing “himself” in Harold and Kumar (which I finally saw all the way through the other night…well the edited for TV version anyway).

Um, he does have a show on TV right now.  A very funny show going into it’s 4th season at that.  How I Met Your Mother is one of the most unique and funny shows I’ve watched in a long time.

The premise is (and how many of the epsidoes open) Ted is telling his teen children how he met their mother when he was in his 20s.  In the very first episode of the show he meets Robin, the girl of his dreams.  After he spends the entire episode convincing Robin (a TV anchorperson) to go out with him and that he is a nice guy they end the show with Ted telling his kids, “and that is how I met your Aunt Robin.”

From there we have watched Ted (an architect), Robin, Marshall (Ted’s best friend and a lawyer), Lily (Marshall’s fiance who is a kindergarten teacher and an aspiring artist) and Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) as they negotiate new found adulthood and what to do with their lives.

Originally the show was supposed to be about Ted.  I’m sure that is what they had in mind when they wrote it.  The other characters are there just to support Ted but within a few episodes it was apparant that Barney is, well, “awesome,” as he would say.  Neil Patrick Harris steals almost every scene he is in and is just hilarious as the womanizing, self-absorbed, suit wearing wise ass.

His philosophy in life is pretty much to sleep with as many women as possible with as little emotional connection as possible.  He even has form letters he leaves for his many conquests (just needing to fill in their names, which he rarely remembers).  This whole image is just made funnier considering that Neil Patrick Harris is actually gay.  It’s hard to picture because he plays the character so well.

It isn’t until the last season (season 3) that you see Barney open up some.  After a drunken one night stand with Robin,  Barney is beating himself up over violating the “bro code” that says you never sleep with your best friend’s ex-girlfriend (or something to that effect).  The whole thing causes a rift between Ted and Barney.  Ted “dumps” Barney as a friend which devestates Barney to the point he can’t function.

The final episode has Barney actually caring more for his friends then himself and a little glimpse that maybe there was more going on between him and Robin then either wanted to let on.

The show is fabulous and I highly recommend it.  Season 4 starts next month sometime and they are airing the last episodes of season 3 on Mondays on CBS.

I know when I first started watching this show I couldn’t imagine Neil Patrick Harris as being anyone but Doogie Howser.  I grew up watching that show.  But now…now I picture him as Barney and I’m sure I always will.


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3 thoughts on “Neil Patrick Harris

  1. spritey72 on said:

    I think they mention those two things because they are more…I don’t know…Iconic? But I do wish they would also mention his current show more. NPH is awesome and is great in everything he does. Have you heard that he’s on an episode of Sesame Street? (yeah, I’d watch him in anything lol) He’s singing in it, I love his voice!


  2. justanotherjen on said:

    Yeah, I kind of figured that. I know the first posts I made about Dr. Horrible just mentioned NPH as Doogie Howser (because how can anyone from my generation forget Doogie…)

    But then I got thinking HIMYM was still on the bubble making it into the new season. People need to get the word out before this great show is canceled and we never find out how ted met their mother. I can’t wait for the new season to start. The cliffhanger they left at the end of last season was great but I most interested in seeing where the Barney/Robin thing goes.


  3. spritey72 on said:

    Yup, that is one of the reasons I wish HIMYM was mentioned more. Sometimes I think the media just believes us to be stupid and that the only way we will pay attention is if they mention Doogie or Harold and Kumar. It is frustrating.

    I also want to see how the Barney/Robin thing plays out. Should be interesting. I just got my boyfriend into the show too and am trying to rope more people in. 🙂


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