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scrapbook page of the day

I know I slacked off there for awhile.  I’m just too lazy to go back and see which pages I’ve already blogged.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a new layout.  I just needed a break.  My head was starting to spin with too many ideas and challenges to complete.

Here is my first new layout since August 9th.


This is my neighbor, Justin, and his 6 month old daughter, Aubrey.  She is such a cutie and so photogenic.  She would bust out a smile any time the camera was pointed at her.  I’ve known the family for almost 20 years and met Justin when he was about 5 years old so I’ve known him most of his life.  Seeing him with a baby of his own is kind of strange.

The layout was done for the designerdigitals.com Saturday Scraplift.  I actually did two mockups of this photo based on the original layout I was lifting.  It took me awhile to decide which papers I wanted to use.  The 2nd design had a plain beige background (that was grunged around the edges) and the pink dotted paper as the accent and it stretched from top to bottom.  Both looked great with the photo and both really captured the softness of the original layout.  But I ended up choosing this design because I loved the star paper and I’m getting kind of bored of using plain paper for the background (trying to spice things up a bit).  I think it turned out pretty good.  It’s not spectacular but I like simple layouts without a lot of clutter.

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