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my day

Today was the first full day of school for the kids and it was a long, tiring day for me.  I decided I was going to start walking in the morning again (I was doing it every day after dropping the kids off at school).  The problem is before my husband was home.  He started back to work today after being off for over a year with a back injury so I had to take Nora with me.

Anyway, this is how my day went.

6:30am–woke up because I just couldn’t sleep any more (went to bed at 9pm last night) and checked my e-mail
6:45am–woke the kids up and went to the bathroom (TMI, I know)
6:47am–started the shower for Brenna
6:50am–got Brenna’s lunch out of the fridge and got Nora up
6:55am–Brenna came down for breakfast and I poured cereal for her and Nora (the other kids got their own food)
7:00am–sat down for a few minutes
7:03am–told Brenna to go get find her socks and things upstairs and for the other kids to brush their teeth and get dressed
7:04am–got Nora changed and dressed
7:07am–helped Brenna get dressed
7:15am–got my own shoes on and helped Owen tie his shoes and put Nora’s shoes on
7:17am-7:26am–played on the computer
7:30am–left the house to walk to school
7:45am–got to school and waited
7:50am–kids go in school, me and Nora head out for our walk
7:50am-9:30am–walk around neighborhood, including stop at grocery store to pick up stuff for lunch
9:30am-10:50am–visit with friend we ran into on our way home
10:50am–go home
11:10am–eat lunch while watching a little TV
11:30am–Nora runs off upstairs to watch TV with my dad and drink his Pepsi, I start cleaning the living room
11:30am-1:40pm–clean the living room, put in a load of laundry, straightened up the kitchen and mopped the living/dining room (while watching Brewester’s Millions)
1:40pm–played on the computer while the floors dried
1:55pm–hubby got home from work
2:05pm–left to pick the kids up from school
2:20pm–kids get out
2:22pm–stop at friend’s house to drop off some clothes, walk back to our house with her
2:30pm-4pm–try to relax and watch Buffy but the kids are constantly needing things
4pm–start cooking dinner (light the grill, etc), throw laundry in the dryer
4:40pm–eat an early dinner
4:45pm-5:45pm–play on computer
6pm-7pm–parent orientation at the school, meet Owen and Meagan’s teachers
7pm–clean up the food from dinner, wipe down the tables and counters
7:15pm-8pm–try to work on the computer (not very successful)
8pm-9pm–watch Eureka
9pm-now–right blog entries
10pm–go to bed

I swear I feel like I never got to sit down today.  My knees are killing me and I’m exhausted.  Tomorrow I have to clean the kids room (it smells like pee and it is just gross).


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