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is it sad?

That at like 9:30pm I was debating whether or not to call it a night.  I’m 31 years old and ready for bed at 9:30pm…what’s up with that?  And I took a nap today.  Well, I tried.  I laid down around 1pm, hoping to get an hour’s sleep before the kids got home from school.

I was almost asleep when my idiot husband came in and climbed on top of me because he’s an ass and thinks it’s funny to ask me for sex every 10 minutes, even while I’m trying to sleep.  I almost busted him in the nose.  I never really fell back asleep after that.  Ten minutes later my 2 year old comes in because she just HAS to give me a kiss before she takes a nap.  Urgh.

I finally gave up getting any sleep when I heard the kids come in around 2:30.  I’ve been lagging ever since.

My eyes are so tired right now so I think my day is done.  It’s almost 10pm.  I have to go put away the food from dinner and make lunch for my 5 year old for tomorrow.  I really wanted a shower tonight but I’m just to freaking tired.  I guess I’ll take one tomorrow after my walk.


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