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crunching the numbers (scrapbooking)

So I did some number crunching the other day.  Okay, I looked in my notebook where I keep track of my layouts.  On the front cover I’ve recorded the totals from each month I scrapped.

So here we go.


2006 (May-December): 43
2007: 26
2008 (so far): 82

Wow.  I had a goal of 100 pages for 2008 and I’m sure I’m going to meet and excede this goal.  Wanna know why?

Here’s the numbers from this year:

Monthly totals:

January: 1
February: 0
March: 8
April: 5
May: 6
June: 10
July: 33!
August: 6
September: 2
October (so far): 11 finished, 1 in progress

And those 11/12 in October?  All this week.

October 26: 3
October 27: 5
October 28: 1
October 29: 2 and one in the works.

I’ve been a busy little bee, haven’t I.


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