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scrapbook page of the day

So I took a hiatus from scrapping.  I did all of 2 pages in September.  I just wore myself out and I was losing focus so I had to switch gears.  I found that is the best way to refocus myself.

So I played Sims 2 for a week and then finished some knitting that had been sitting around waiting for my hands.

Then, on Sunday the 26th, I got asked in my scrapbooking group at a mom’s site how to do a sketch challenge.  So to demonstrate I threw together a quick page.  That just snowballed into inspiration.  Since Sunday I have finished 11 pages–3 on Sunday, 5 on Monday!, 1 on Tuesday and so far 2 today.

So now I have a whole bunch of new pages to show off here.

So here’s the page of the day, the one that got me scrapping again:


It’s not my best work but my son loves it.  He turned 7 on October 1st and I was lucky enough to get him to pose with seven fingers up before he got ready for school.  The color scheme comes from his shirt.  You can’t really see in the picture but it is black and bright green.

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