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great news

I’m so excited.  I got asked to join my first digital scrapbooking creative team.  I know create for Creashen who sells at twolittlepixels.com and catscrap.com.

I’ve already made three layouts using her kits.  Her stuff is beautiful.  So head over to either of her stores to check out her designs.

I haven’t been this excited in awhile.  I found out late Tuesday night while I was still stoked over Obama’s win.  It was a good night.

Here’s the first page I did with her kits:
six 2 six

I used her Bye Bye Birdie kit, Natural Wonders and Natural Harmonies III.

The picture is of my middle daughter.  Tomorrow is her birthday.  She’s a real character.  That is one of her original outfits that she was so proud of.  She definitely has her own fashion sense.  She’s wearing a yellow shirt, red mini skirt, black & purple Halloween socks and cowboy boots.  We call it Brenna-style.

scrapbook page of the day

This is one of my favorites that I did last month.  It’s another of my own personal designs (no lift or sketch).  And another bird!

The picture is of my youngest daughter playing with her brother’s teddy bear.  I just love the soft colors and simple design.

teaching teddy

teehee–about the election…sims 3 style

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