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scrapbook page of the day

This is by far my favorite one I did last month.  It’s so simple and sweet.  I did the title work myself (the apple is from krystal harley’s “the sky is falling” and inspired me to scrap this photo of my youngest daughter in 2007.  She was about 17 months old and had gotten into our new bag of apples.  She took bites out of 4 apples before deciding to eat the one in her hand, lol.


papers: shabby princess (seasonal sampler), kaye winiecki (ruby looby)
apple & tree: krystal hartley (the sky is falling)
frame: katie pertiet
bird: nicolina (oh happy day)
staple: miss mint (cinnamon tea)
stitches: pri rocha (colorful stitches)
fonts: gills sans ultra bold & girls are weird (title work)
1942 report (date)

NaNo update and other stuff

Well things were going really good.  I was staying close to the quota every day, usually being behind only a few hundred words by the end of the night.  That’s not too bad considering every other year I was days behind by this point.

That is until Tuesday.  I was plugging away at the story Tuesday night…as much as I could while still watching election coverage online.  I was taking an online break when I noticed I had a message at my favorite scrabook site.  Next thing I know I’m on a creative team and have tons of new stuff to download and play with and there went writing right out the window.

Well not totally.  I still came close to making quota on Wednesday and then Thursday I finished 2 scrapbook pages and managed to write 2000 words which put me over for the day (162 words over–YAY me!).  And then there was yesterday.  The scrapping just sucked me in.  Not to mention it was a crazy day.  The kids got out of school at 11:30 and the I had to go to parent/teacher conferences from 1:30-2:10.  By the time I got done I was tired and feeling sick (it got really cold here over night and I usually get sick with drastic weather changes).  Then last night I had to take my son to hockey practice.  We got home around 7pm and I was already having a hard time keeping my eyes open but I didn’t fall asleep until 1:30am.  But I was too tired to write.

So I went from a 162 word surplus to a 1505 word deficit (not counting the words I’m supposed to write for today which brings it up to 3172 words to write today…ugh).

My story is going pretty good.  I’m learning to just skip the scenes I don’t have a good grasp of yet and write the ones I have planned out.  I can always go back and fill in the empty spots.

Today is my daughter, Brenna’s 6th birthday so I haven’t been home most of the day.  We got up and went to breakfast (at the Original Pancake House).  Then all the girls got their hair cut.  After that we went to Target and Brenna got a bunch of colorful socks and tights (she loves funky knee highs).  She also picked up a Bratz set, got a coloring book, a stuffed dog for her collection and some stickers.  Then we drove over to the mall and she got her main present…Build-a-bear.  She has been begging to go for months, if not years.  But there were too many choices and too many people telling her what to do (like her sister).  Finally she decided on this little dog.  Next she had to choose clothes.  Oh brother.  Eventually me and Meagan (my 8yo) helped her pick a pair of sparkly silver pants and a pretty pink, white and sparkly silver knit sweater.  She picked some white dressy shoes with silver flowers on it to complete the look.  Oh, and pink bows on her ears.

Her name is Lola.  She had no idea what to name it so I opened their idea book and saw Lola first and she fell in love with it, lol.

I still have to figure out something for dinner and make her zucchini cake.  My dad said if he’s feeling better he’ll take her out to get her gift.  Her and Owen (my 7yo son).  Owen didn’t get his present last month because Papa ran out of money.  So it’s been a good day for Brenna despite a melt down at the pancake house because she didn’t get her chocolate milk and she fell asleep on the way home from the mall because they were up at 6am this morning (which is 30 minutes earlier then they get up on school days).

random thought

An anyone listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and not start head banging right in the middle of it?

Okay, maybe it’s only Americans that do that…or just the ones that like corny movies like Wayne’s World.  I haven’t watched the movie in years but no matter how long it has been as soon as I hear the opening chords of Bohemina Rhapsody I can picture Wayne and his gang of misfits in his crappy little car driving around Chicago (you even get a shot of the giant Indian on the corner of 63rd and Pulaski…blocks from my house).

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