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cool beans

(my roommate in college used to say that a lot)

So I just discovered the website digifree.blogspot.com.   I was like, “neat” and I’m scrolling around visiting different days then realized the site just scours the internet for things marked scrapbooking freebies.  Well I have a freebie, I say to myself.  So I’m back tracking days but couldn’t remember what day I even uploaded my freebie.  So I come on over here to check and I have 8 comments waiting for approval.  8! Wow.  Sure enough all 8 are for my freebie post and all from today.  So I go back to digifree and look through all the pages for today and YAY! I found mine on the 2nd to last page.  I feel so special and now 8 more people have enjoyed my little date stamps.
Digital Scrapbooking Freebies

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