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Happy Birthday to Me

It’s my birthday today.  I’m the big 3-2.  And in honor of my birthday (since it has been the crappiest day ever and I wish I could crawl back into bed and wake up next year…or just die) I made a mini kit.  And it’s free.

So, Happy Birthday to Me and here’s a present for all of you.  I got none, unless you consider dishes and several rooms to clean a gift.



Haven’t been updating or doing much scrapbooking this month.  My computer is slowly dying on me.  It crashed just after Thanksgiving (in the middle of finishing my NaNo novel).  I finally got it running outside of safe mode but when I tried to install a game last week it crashed again.  It took me almost four days to get it out of safe mode.

I can run PSE6 so I can scrap but I just haven’t been inspired since the computer problems.  But I have gotten a few pages done.  This one I did yesterday.

flower fingers

This is my youngest daughter.  She’s a hoot.  I mean a real riot.  Every day she surprises me with the things she thinks up.  She’s only 2 1/2 but is so mature that I sometimes forget she is still a baby.

Yesterday she came into my room and said, “look, Mommy, flower fingers,” and held up her hand.  On each finger she had a plastic flower from her block set.  She thought up this all on her own and then posed for the camera.

Today she comes up to my door and I hear, “Mommy, look at me,” and when I looked over she pulled her pants down to moon me and started dancing around singing, “shake my booty, shake my booty.”  She thinks mooning people is the funniest thing in the world.  Can’t say I raise ladies around here.

kit: when lena smiles by creashens available at twolittlepixels and catscrap
font: poor richard

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