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scrapbook page of the day

I did this page last night.  It was for the weekly scraplift challenge at thedigichick.com.  The gallery we had to lift from was full of these kinds of pages and I’m not good at doing all the layering with these type of elements.  I picked a simple layout and did all the element choosing and layering before I even had photos in mind.  Once I had it the way I liked it I went to choose some pictures and realized I had no clue which ones to use.  I tried several and finally settled on pictures of Nora just after she turned 1 because the colors went well (after I muted them).  It took over an hour just to pick the photos, lol.


For the credits click on the pic (it takes you to my Flickr account where everything is listed…I’m kind of lazy today and don’t feel like typing it all out again).

I really had fun with this layout and got to use a bunch of elements that I normally wouldn’t (in fact I think the only things I have used before are the little orange flowers and the hanging hearts) use and I got to try a new technique.  And I liked it so much I might try it again.


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