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So, the new NASCAR season is upon us. I’m all tingly inside. I watched the Budweiser shoot out tonight. Hubby fell asleep half way through. He has to be up at 4:30 so is usually asleep by 8pm.
My 2yo went to bed around that time, very reluctantly.
Then with like 10 laps to go my son came down. He was supposed to be getting ready for bed but insisted he needed to watch the end of the race.

Every year we each choose 3 drivers and then have a family fantasy league. His drivers are Dale Earnhardt, Jr, Denny Hamlin and this year he dropped Greg Biffle in exchange for Kurt Busch.

When he first came down Junior had been in the lead but he got to watch him get all smashed up in a wreck. So he was really rooting for Hamlin.

My drivers are Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Brian Vickers. But I was so rooting for Jamie McMurray to win. That guy just has the worst luck it seems. He’s my 8yo daughter’s #1 driver (and has been since she was like 2).

Even though my driver won I was yelling at the screen (poor hubby was trying to sleep on the sofa) because I wanted McMurray to win. Oh well.

It was a wild race and only 75 laps long. The 500 is going to be insane. I can’t wait.

Our family fantasy racing league:
Team Owner:
#29 Kevin Harvick
#83 Brian Vickers
#99 Carl Edwards

#5 Mark Martin
#6 David Ragan
#31 Jeff Burton

Meagan (8 1/2):
#14 Tony Stewart
#26 Jamie McMurray
#48 Jimmie Johnson

Owen (7):
#2 Kurt Busch
#11 Denny Hamlin
#88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr

Brenna (6):
#17 Matt Kenseth
#18 Kyle Busch
#96 Bobby Labonte

Nora (2 1/2):
#16 Greg Biffle
#24 Jeff Gordon
#33 Clint Bowyer


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