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scrapping the past

I have been having some serious creativity block lately.  I think it is in part because of my ADD and the sudden onslaught of new kits that I “have” to scrap with for my CT’s.  Too many choices cause my brain to overload.

And then I’m having a problem because I haven’t really been taking many pictures.  I’ve used most of my favorites from the last year and I’m just having a hard time finding ones to scrap now.

So I decided to go through some old photos my sisters-in-law gave me and an old album that belonged to my grandmother.  Wow…what a flashback.  They gave me some inspiration.

So there’s my scrap of the past:

A picture I found in my Gramma’s album. I’m the baby in the middle so the picture was probably taken in 1977. The other people are my cousins and my Gramma.
using valorie brown’s kit familiar times and a paper by scrapkitchen designs

A picture of my mother and father in law taken on their 18th wedding anniversary in 1983. I thought this was just the sweetest photo. They were so in love. My father-in-law died in 2003 just weeks after their 38th anniversary and mother-in-law has never been the same. It tore the family apart.

4 ever

using valorie brown’s new kit he LOVES me.

This one is a picture of my husband and his family from 1985. My husband is the little boy in the picture (8 years old). His one sister is to the left (12 years old) and his parents. His dad is holding his niece who was 8 months old at the time (his other sister’s daughter…she is now 24 and has 3 kids of her own who are 6, almost 5 and almost 2).
using a couple kids from valorie brown: he LOVES me and gift of love, ribbon from scrapkitchen designs, stitches from syrin, tags from corina nielsen


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