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So I’m supposed to write about some of the great memories I have of May 2009.  I just can’t do it.  No matter what I think about, no matter how well the rest of the month is going, no matter how nice the weather has been or how quiet my Mother’s Day was it is all overshadowed by May 2, 2009.  The day I miscarried our 5th child in the bathroom at the ER.  I was 12 weeks and anticipating a new baby in November 2009.  Instead I’m just trying to get my life back to normal and not think about what I lost.

Fun times…not.  It’s just one of those events that eclipses everything else.


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8 thoughts on “FOBTY…My May

  1. Peg on said:

    Thank you for sharing your page! I’m going to love playing with this brag book!


  2. I am sorry for the loss, Jen. *hugs*


  3. Noel on said:

    I am sorry for your loss. I had a similar painful loss and for me time was the only thing that healed the hole that was left in my heart.


  4. Laramie on said:

    Thank you for the great page. This is such a fun kit to work with and what a great Idea for fathers day. Sorry for the loss of your wee one.



  5. Elnora on said:

    Thanks for the lovely QP! I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear little baby… May time and the love of your remaining children soften the loss in your heart.


  6. Sharon Kay on said:

    Thank you for the page…this will be great to use with my sons’ robotic team pages! TYFS


  7. Pam C. on said:

    This is going to be the cutest bb when I get it done. I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you’ll be able to work thru this. 🙂


  8. thescrappywife on said:

    Wonderful page! Thank you!


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