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Stargate SG-1 fic: 15 One Sentence Stories

15 One Word Sentences

Watching Vala, dressed all in leather, command the ragtag crew of the old wooden ship, Daniel could only think, “she does make one hell of a pirate.”

As a child, Sam thought lightening bugs were the most amazing bug on the planet; they were no less magical as an adult or on an alien world.

There are only two things Jack likes about snowy planets: surprise snowball attacks on Daniel, and sharing a tent with Carter during the long, cold nights.

The first time Cam watched the self destruct activated he held his breath the entire time and didn’t envy Landry’s position in the least; this time it’s him giving the order… but he’s still holding his breath.

Lawyers are good for… nothing that Jack can think of, but their numerous pages in the phone book make great kindling.

“It wasn’t my idea,” Jack told Sam after finding the official looking manila envelope on her desk ordering her to Atlantis.

Jack concluded his rant about the inappropriateness of their current topic when Carter grinned and said, “I said, ‘underworld,” sir, not, ‘underwear.'”

(role models)
When a lonely little boy moved in next door, Jack couldn’t help but show him a few things: how to oil the chain on his bike, how to find the best worms for fishing, how to catch a ball and how to not be lonely any more.

“Remember, we’re here for a job; absolutely no gambling,” Cam said as he grabbed a nearly drooling Vala by the arm, guiding her away from the bright lights of the casino.

Teal’c likes to find a place on the mountaintop early in the morning because the sunrise is just as aspiring on an alien planet.

Jack regretted his statement of having a great sense of direction after they spent three hours lost in the forest only to find the castle on the path Teal’c had indicated in the first place.

“Daniel,” Vala says, batting her eyelashes, “how about you help me get out of this outfit… and into your bed.”

Vala couldn’t hider her smile when the image of the guys dressed as cowboys, complete with big hats, popped into her head.

Jack’s not sure when Carter stopped being, “the major,” and became Carter; when their friendship shifted to something more; when he started thinking of her as, “Sam,” but when she smiles at him he knows he wouldn’t change a thing.

Jack was surprised to find the girly giggle came from his second-in-command and spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to get her to make the sound again


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