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Our Anniversary and a new toy

Yesterday (Jan 7) was me and hubby’s 11th wedding anniversary.  Yes, 11!  Hard to believe.  We had a pretty good day.  My insomnia is getting the better of me.  I tried to go to bed with hubby at 11pm but I just laid awake until almost 2am then gave up and played on the computer (read [info]annerbhp ‘s latest story.  That kept me occupied for awhile.  I finally got to bed around 5am and still laid there awake for awhile.  At 7:40am I woke up to the kids banging around and made hubby get up to make sure they got on the bus.  I slept until Jack started fussing around 8:45am and finally gave up at a little after 9am.

Hubby was asleep on the couch…of course.

Anyway.  Once he was up we went to lunch with Jack and Nora then we stopped by Best Buy and I got my new toy: Velocity Micro Cruz eReader.  So far I really like it and was able to download all my favorite fanfic on there to read at my leisure…away from the computer (I don’t have a laptop so I’m stuck to this desk all the time).  I’m so excited for this, lol.  Considering I got nothing for my birthday (in December) or Christmas from my husband…well, personally I think I deserve it having to put up with him.

Also for our anniversary I got us these:

They are tungsten and match but hubby’s was too small so I’m going to buy another set in a larger size (maybe 1/2 size larger for me, too).  I decided not to return this set.  They were only $50 so it’s not a big loss and I’m hoping one day, preferably soon, to lose some weight and I’d hate for the ring to suddenly be too big (hey, it could happen).

Hubby LOVED them but was kind of bummed his didn’t fit.  I have to wait until after payday to get the new ones (which is the 20th) except I’m already getting a new graphics card for my “good” computer that hasn’t run in almost a year.  Then I need to upgrade this one with a new card and some memory so him and the kids have something to play on.  Hopefully I can get the rings, too.

It’s been so long since I’ve worn a ring.  It feels weird.  I had a class ring in high school and I wore that for years before finally putting it up in the middle of my sophomore year of college.  Then I got engaged…but we couldn’t afford the ring so it was on layaway.  We finally paid it off the week before the wedding but realized we didn’t have enough money for two wedding bands so we got one for him and I saved my diamond ring back for the wedding.  But, I was 3 months pregnant by then and a month later it no longer fit and I don’t think it ever really fit after that.  I only wore it on really special occasions.

In 2007, we had some issues and were out of town for several weeks and when I got back the landlady had packed all our things saying we abandoned them.  We were in the process of moving out and told her we’d be gone by the end of August.  She packed our stuff up the last week of July.  She assured us anything important was there.  Yeah, right.  We lost so much stuff.  Who knows what got thrown out and what they out right stole.  Our rings were kept in an antique candy dish that I kept change in.  It was on my desk next to my computer.  Most of the stuff on my desk managed to make it into a box (including pens and other crap but NOT the important papers to our vehicles and the pen to my old Wacom tablet).  The candy dish (which had been my grandmother’s and was a good 60 years old), the $30 in change and our wedding rings (bought for $500) were all mysteriously gone.

I have been wanting to replace them ever since (especially since we separated for 6 weeks right after that and then got back together and have stuck it out ever since).  I’m so happy with my ring and can’t wait to get one to fit hubby.


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