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Millers Kill Mysteries fic: Snippets of Millers Kill (master post)

This is a series of 15 drabblish sized stories of life for Russ and Clare in Millers Kill.  They don’t relate to each other and don’t necessarily follow canon.  Also spoilers for all seven books is possible but since they don’t all follow canon they could really be set anywhere along the line of the books.

These were written for round #2 of [info]writers30days and are dedicated to [info]txduck  who introduced me to the very entertaining Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries by Julia Spencer-Fleming.  I read all seven books in a matter of like 2 weeks.  They kept my spirits up while suffering from a nasty strain of the flu and possible pneumonia.

1 2 3
Theme Always: The Dance Theme Picture Inspired: Blind Man’s Bluff Theme Touch: Missing the Show
4 5 6
Theme Carry Me Home: Carry You Home Theme Different POV: Star-crossed Theme Exactly 100: Working Late
7 8 9
Theme Death: The Press of Guilt Theme Loved Enough: Happy Couple Theme 10 Years: Party Planner
10 11 12
Theme they fixed it: Mr. Fix-it Theme Lost: Lost Theme Fly: Slipping By
13 14 15
Writers Choice 1: Faith to Survive Writers Choice 2: Pretty Pretty Princesses Writers Choice 3: Working Hard

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