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Stargate Sg-1 fic: 25 One Sentence Stories

Another challenge from [info]stargateland
My team is made up of me, [info]mizzy2k , [info]sheryden and [info]inspired_looney .  We each decided to take a column and we’re supposed to write a 1 sentence story or an icon for each prompt.  Not too hard.  I decided to do the stories and they all relate to each other telling a full story if you read them down the column.

These are my prompts:

1 bite  Hammond eyed the bite mark on Jack O’Neill’s shoulder and, despite the colonel’s insistence it was from an animal attack, couldn’t help but frown as his gaze slid to the major, her face pinking more by the second.
5 explanation “There’s a perfectly logical explanation,” Sam blurted out, feeling her face flush more, and she didn’t need the colonel’s groan to tell her opening her mouth had been a bonehead move.
9 slow  The world around Jack slowed down and he glanced at the cup of wine in his hand wondering if he had been drugged but that only lasted as long as it took Carter to strip off his shirt…definitely drugged.
13 fate  As Janet took care of the colonel, bandaging his shoulder and giving him a tetanus shot for good measure, she wondered if it was fate that caused her two friends to continually get into these messes or did they just have the worst luck in the world.
17 wedding  Daniel was in heaven as he watched the natives of the planet dance around the happy couple dressed in bright ceremonial garb in the center of the temple, sipping the cup of wine a smiling woman gave him.
21 shelter  Jack found Carter in the shelter of her lab just as he knew he would but as he cautiously approached he suddenly felt a massive apprehension at even looking at her.
25 revenge  The woman with the long black hair hid in the shadows, blinding hatred seething through her as she watched the gorgeous stranger laughing agreeably with his blond companion completely oblivious to her yearning and advances.
29 share Maia, the beautiful princess, presented each member of SG-1 with a goblet of dark red wine, smiling as she poured as was custom to her people, her attention given aggressively to the man with the glass covers on his eyes.
33 game  Teal’c had found over his years on Earth that when emotions were highest and that the forefront of an issue the Tau’ri tended to fall back on unnamed games of avoidance, forever trapped by protocols and embarrassments that afforded little comfort and resolved nothing…O’Neill and Major Carter’s current predicament was a prime example.
37 partner  The chief regarded the newcomers with a fatherly amusement as they wandered the crowd: the burly protector, a Jaffa, observed stoically, nodding as appropriate to passing villagers; the younger man eagerly approaching anyone with an ear to listen to his questions and a voice to answer enthusiastically; and the other two (the leader and the woman) dancing around each other, coming close but never touching no matter how much their body language said they wished otherwise.
41 concern  Daniel was becoming increasingly concerned with Sam’s odd behavior and nearly absolute avoidance of everyone including himself and Janet although he could kind of understand why she was staying as far away from Jack as she could physically get considering the circumstances.
45 dark  The dark night, Kelara knew, was her only true friend as she slipped through the unlocked door of the kitchen, finding her target–the special cups reserved for honored guests of the chief himself– and pulled the small pouch of glittery powder from her pocket, an evil grin spreading across her face.
49 sweet  The wine tasted sweet to Sam–like fresh apricots with a hint of raspberry–and she found her cup emptied rather quickly; her mind going fuzzy almost as fast.
53 betrayal  The chief stood over the dark haired Kelara feeling disbelief and disgust at her outright betrayal when he found out it was she that drugged the newcomers and sent them scurrying back through the ring to their own planet with listening to any explanations; he only hoped they were forgiving people.
57 apology  Jack sat at his desk with a look of shock when Carter barged in and began rambling nearly incoherently with what sounded like some kind of apology–to what, exactly, he wasn’t entirely sure–causing both to flush and Jack to feel even more uncomfortable than when he tried to explain things to Hammond.
61 shower  Bathing on P2R-471 was a communal affair but the chief gave SG-1 some allotted time alone but that didn’t seem to stop all of the natives, though, as Daniel found out when the chief’s own daughter appeared in the shower nearly causing him to have a heart attack.
65 shield  Hammond listened to the chief’s explanation as he viewed P2R-417 through the MALP’s grainy camera broadcast, noticing the woman standing behind him with her face shielded by a black cloth, and feeling utterly relieved that there was an actual respectable answer for SG-1’s actions.
69 shrug  Kelara met the strangers at the first meeting with the chief after they arrived and, immediately smitten with the tall, handsome, older leader, made her attraction known (as their tradition) but he seemed to shrug her off or, more precisely, only had eyes for the blond woman of their group…Kelara could fix that.
73 laughter  “We can both get what we want,” Kelara had told Maia with a chilling laugh so she had agreed to help the older woman by serving the spiked drinks to her father’s guests in the hopes that Dr. Jackson would then notice her… she had no idea the damage her decision would cause and promptly confessed once the newcomers made their hasty retreat in humiliation.
77 power  Janet met Sam’s defiant glare for a few minutes before saying: “I do have the authority to keep you here until I am sure this alien drug is out of your system and the fact that you attacked the colonel in the hall only an hour ago proves you need to be here… contained.”
81 food  Teal’c noticed the alarmed look on Princess Maia’s face when Major Carter quickly finished the wine O’Neill handed her and looked skeptically at the offered food and drink, his “Spidey senses tingling,” as his friend would say.
85 time  Having finally gotten the full truth–that Dr. Jackson’s cup of drugged wine ended up in Major Carter’s hands with a larger dosage than safe for her size–the chief contacted General Hammond again to explain the effects would wear off with time but would take longer than Colonel O’Neill.
89 taste  Sam could still remember the taste of him–the sweetness of the wine on his lips and the sweat on his skin as she kissed her way down his body–but shook it off with a visible shiver, thanking god the effects were gone and she felt no uncontrollable urges to jump her CO any more… her controllable urges were something else entirely.
93 flirt  Jack noticed the distant, dreamy look on his 2IC’s face and couldn’t help bumping her with his shoulder and asking (with a devilish grin on his face), “whatcha thinking about, Carter?”
97 blood  Kelara ran through the forest, her hands still bound behind her and the chief’s guards on her trail, when a maniacal laugh tore from her throat and she through about her revenge and the blood she would spill to get it…Carter would be gone and O’Neill would be hers.
The End

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