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Six Sentences on Sunday

~*~Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, submitted, in progress, for your cat — whatever.~*~

(from Of Mutant Squirrels and Humiliation)

They bolted from the undergrowth a few minutes later into blistering daylight. Momentarily blinded they both tripped and clattered to the ground with identical grunts. Cam used the moment to catch his breath and try to get his bearings. He wasn’t even sure they were on the right side of the forest any more. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked around. They were in a clearing, trees surrounding them in a rough circle.

(from Daydreaming)

Sam’s vibrating now, an intense sensation that she can’t ignore or deny. He’s doing this to her—with his gritty face and disheveled hair. And that smile, one corner of his mouth quirked up in question. He’s right in front of her now and Sam couldn’t move if she wanted to. His hand raises slowly, still allowing her to refuse his action. She tracks it as it moves to her face.
(from Talk of the Town)
She pulled her head out and looked up at him, squinting at the sun that glinted over his shoulder. “What about us?” She had that look in her eye. The one that said she thought she knew what they were not discussing.Jack pulled his gaze away from her and stared at the barren horizon. This planet was desolate.

(from Living the Nightmare)

“How? What? Where?” Cassie knows her voice sounds absurdly small and she’s really not sure what she wants to know and what is automatic questioning by a brain too far lost coherent thought.Sam wipes at her own face and takes a deep breath. “She was off-world.”

(from Walk of Shame)

“There’s no god here, sister,” said a surly voice. Sam glanced at the women sitting on an identical metal bench on the other side of the room. She was dressed in shorts and tank top that barely qualified as clothing. Sam had undergarments that covered more.Sam closed her eyes, her head shaking in shame. How the hell did she end up in jail?

(from Save the Last Dance)

A flash of red caught his eye and he followed the dress up to the smiling, laughing face of Vala. She was currently spinning around the floor with a leering Marine. Major Miller. He was new—on SG-16 or something. Daniel was starting to lose track of the constant rotation of personnel lately. What had once been a pretty tight-knit family had loosened up lately with IOA interference.

(from Playing the Game: Rules are Meant to be Broken)

“There’s always a few that don’t adapt well to a regime change.”She snorted. “I’d hardly call it a regime change, sir.”

“Going from a civilian command to military is a lot to take. Especially with a science expedition like this.”

“It hasn’t been that bad.”

(from a Eureka badfic for a [info]scifiland challenge)
“Who are you?””I’m AVril Summer Raiyne and I’m the new boss.”

“Hey, you can’t just come in here and say you’re the boss.”

“Yes I can.” Then this other lady comes in and acts like she’s in charge even though she should know I am.

“Who died and made you god?” she asks.

In Progress:
(from prequel to Walk of Shame)

“So you speak from experience?”Daniel glared at her. “I could help you come up with some excuse.”

Sam faced him at the elevators. “Daniel, I’m not going to flake out on her now. I already agreed to go out.”


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