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100 Words: Vala Mal Doran

For challenge #37 at [info]stargateland : write 10 microfics (of 10 words each) in certain categories.

Character(s): Vala Mal Doran

Adventure Treasure to liberate if she can escape Daniel’s prying eyes.
Angst She holds his hand for his last breath; she’s broken.
AU “Our baby!” “Seems those bracelets did more than link us.”
Crossover Vala suddenly finds herself in a “galaxy far, far away.”
Death She’s not afraid to face death, only of being alone.
Episode Related For the first time Vala considered letting herself be caught.
First time “You never forget your first treasure.” She fingers her locket.
Friendship Vala and Sam trade secrets about the men of SG-1.
Humor “You’ll pay.” Wipes mud from butt. Daniel slips; she laughs.
Hurt/Comfort Broken doesn’t hurt so much in Daniel’s embrace, she thinks.

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