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30 Days of fanfic writing meme (3)

3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

That 70s Show: Probably Hyde.  I always liked his character and found him easiest to write (most of the 4 stories I wrote were from his POV).

Firefly/Serenity: not really sure I had a favorite.  I only wrote a few stories and they were really short.  I think my favorite was showing how looney River was.

Angel:  Angel and Spike.  Especially in a scene together.  And I actually found I did a pretty decent job of writing Angelus.  I knew Angel was going to turn when I started writing the story but was afraid how I would do the scenes when he was evil.  Angelus freaks me out.  But they turned out pretty good.

Stargate SG-1: Jack and Daniel.  And a little bit of Sam.  When I’m coming up with story ideas I almost always jump to Jack as the main character/POV and have to force myself to choose other characters occasionally.  I just love Jack too much (I did, after all, name my youngest son Jack) and find him easiest to write.  I’m also starting to like to write for Vala.  I haven’t used her POV yet but I’ve written a couple published stories with her in it (and have a few more started where she’s a main character) and she’s a lot of fun to write about.

Millers Kill Mysteries: Russ and Clare of course.  They’re the main characters of the books and the snippets I wrote were all about them (only one was from a different POV other than the 2 of them and that was because the prompt demanded it).  Although, I’m hoping eventually to branch out to some of the other characters.  I think it would be fun to write about Flynn and Hadley.

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