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30 days of fanfic writing meme (5)

5 –If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a fic, whether your “muse” or not, what did you do about it?

Hmmm, I’m trying to think if this has ever happened to me.  I’m not sure I’ve ever limited myself to characters.  Maybe the Sam and Vala “girls night out” fic I tried to write.  The 2nd version (which is the one that got published) ended with Jack in the group.  He wasn’t supposed to be there at all since the story was about the girls (from a prompt) but he just kind barged in.  It seemed like a good ending.

Cam just kind of showed up in “Save the Last Dance”.  I hadn’t intended on having him in the story but needed some filler and BOOM there he was leaning and holding a beer and being all supportive of Daniel.

Oh, I remember a good one.  In the NaNo novel I’m still working on from 2010.  The story is pretty complicated and jumps POVs.  At one point Jack goes to Harry Maybourne for information which seemed like a logical jump for the story.  But when I sat down to write a later chapter Harry pushed to the front of characters and DEMANDED to have his own chapter separate from Jack’s (there were 2 chapters based around the same scene,one from Jack’s POV and the other from Harry’s).  Not only did he push himself into the story but became an integral part of the plot, lol.  I had never intended to use him as anything other than an informant for Jack (maybe a couple scenes throughout the story) but now he’s hanging out with Jack in a stolen cargo ship.  Silly Harry.


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