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30 days of fanfic writing meme (6)

6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?

This is an easy one.  Looking through my fic (published and not) I can unequivocally say I’m much more comfortable writing from a male POV.  Probably because I’ve never really “gotten” girls.  I am a girl but that’s about as much of common ground I have with most women.  I was a huge tomboy growing up… had a huge GI Joe collection but only 1 or 2 Barbies until I was like 11 (yes, I still played with dolls at 11… actually until I was 16, used them to work out story ideas in 3D).  I remember wishing I was a boy when I was a kid.  They seemed to have more fun and an easier time in life, lol.

I no longer wish I was a guy but I definitely relate better to men.  When I’m around other women I feel lost and out of place.  I’ve never been into “looks” (makeup, clothes, shoes, hair, etc).  To me “doing my hair” involves pulling it into a ponytail.  I can’t French braid to save my life.  I have never worn makeup, don’t wear jewelry (not even my wedding ring most of the time).  I own 2 pairs of shoes: sneakers and flip-flops.  I no longer own dress clothes or shoes (haven’t worn a dress since my fil’s funeral in 2003).  None of that stuff has ever interested me.  Unless the woman I talk to likes sci-fi then I probably have very little in common with them.

Anyway, writing from a female POV is always tough for me.  I’ve written a few Sam stories but I don’t see her a typical girl.  She’s too kick-ass for that.  Out of all the female characters I write she’s the easiest but I still tend to gravitate towards the guys.


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