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Original fic: Planting Love (the story)

Written for challenge #10 at [info]fictionland with the prompt of sprouting seed.  What an odd story prompt, lol.  I didn’t intend to do anything literal and couldn’t think of a Stargate plot that I could work in sprouting seeds without sounding utterly cheesy then this popped into my head…

I’ve been trying to split my [info]fictionland challenges between fanfic and my original story.  The original stories are all little snippets revolving around a few characters I made up years ago but have yet been unable to write a full story for (argh! ending in a preposition!).  The two main characters are Sarah Logan and Matthew “Tucker” (or Matty as he’s called when he’s little).  The snippets are all over the place.  Some, like this one, take place when Sarah was little.  Others take place when she’s an adult, some when she’s a teen, some in the future, lol.  I really don’t know.  I don’t expect people to read them but it seem to help me get any idea of the characters if I write them out like I do my short fanfic.  Maybe some day I’ll actually put the snippets together and have a full story.

Planting Love
by jennickels (aka Jen Connelly)
Sarah, Gram
356 words
rating: G

Sarah’s parents have never really made her feel safe and secure but when they move in with Gram things start to change for the little five year old.

don’t own… wish I did, but I don’t. No infringement intended.

Sarah doesn’t think she knew true love until she moved in with her grandmother at the age of five.

“Look dear,” Gram says, pulling little Sarah close to the ground. “See the sprouts?”

Sarah bends close and Gram uses her gnarled fingers to flick away rocks and other debris.

“See the tiny plant trying to break free?”

“I see.” Sarah reaches out to touch but remembers her parents’ “golden rule.” But a glance at Gram reassure her that she did nothing wrong this time.

“You have to be gentle. This plant is just like a little baby. It’s very fragile.”

Sarah nods then gently pokes a tiny leaf with the tip of her finger. “Look at that one, it’s stuck.”

Gram chuckles. “Yep. It can’t seem to shake its seed shell. It happens some times.”

“Shouldn’t we help it?”

“We will, darling. By watering it and adding fertilizer to feed it, keeping the weeds and bugs away. But it has to grow on it’s own. And push that seed off by itself. It will grow into a tall, strong plant that way.”

Sarah considers the little green plants then looks up at Gram with big eyes and sunburned cheeks. “If you water and feed me will I grow up big and strong?”

“You betcha. I’m sure to make sure of it,” she says, pulling Sarah into her lap and hugging her tightly. “I love you so much, sweetie, and I’m so happy you came to stay here with me so I don’t have to garden alone any more. It’s so much more fun with two.”

Sarah feels a tear trickle down her cheek and wonders if that really does make her weak like Daddy always said but when Gram squeezes her tighter and smooths her hair she realizes she no longer cares. Her parents have told her things that were untrue before but Gram has never lied and never made her feel anything but special and safe. She decides if Gram thinks it’s okay to cry sometimes than it is. She hugs the old woman tighter and mumbles, “I love you, too,” into her musty apron.


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