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things to do to day

Yep, in need of a list today.  So this is what’s on the agenda:

empty dishwasher
reload dishwasher
empty dishwasher again
load dishwasher again
clean counters
separate meat to be frozen
clean out mess in fridge from leaking meat packages
clean counters again
clean microwave
clean stove
sweep kitchen

mop kitchen
clean highchair

clean off my desk
straighten up art room
fold and put away my laundry
start washing the girls’ laundry
mow the front yard
mow the back yard
trim bushes
figure out what to make for dinner
cook dinner
clean up from dinner
clean counters AGAIN
put up tent (should be interesting–it’s MASSIVE and takes 2 people but it’s just me and the kids)
bake cake

vacuum living room
vacuum family room
clean toilet in kids’ bathroom (ick)
straighten up garage
type up 2 stories sitting on my desk
10 minutes of writing for [info]fictionland
work on villain manifesto for [info]stargateland
work on Russ/Clare fic I’ve decided to write
make icons for [info]oneill_icontest
maybe actually spend some time coming up with a storyline for my [info]het_bigbang  or [info]sg1friendathon claim
watch last 2 episodes of Sanctuary (maybe work on knitting while watching)


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