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30 days of fanfic writing meme (9)

9 – Pairings – For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favorite pairings to write?

THREE from each fandom?!?  I’m sure I don’t have three each.  I’m mostly a one ship kind of gal.  I like other couples in a supporting cast kind of way usually but don’t actively ship them or write for them unless their relationship is in the background of another story.

That 70s Show: Definitely Jackie/Hyde.  I always liked Donna/Eric but I didn’t really start shipping for the show until they hooked up Jack and Hyde.  Which is why season 8 sucked so bad.

: When I write Firefly fic it’s Mal/Inara.  They are so clueless and obvious.  Although I never wrote them I’d probably do a Jayne/Kaylee fic.  I liked Kaylee and Simon together on the show but got the undertones of Jayne’s over-protectiveness but complete idiocy when around Kaylee.

Angel: Angel/Cordy.  I only wrote the one story (still unfinished) but it was all about Angel and Cordy and DRAMA and lots and lots of angst.  I never really shipped anyone else on the show.  Maybe Wes/Fred.  She seemed to fit better with him but I don’t think I could write them.  I’ll stick with Angel and Cordy.

Stargate SG-1
:  Obviously Sam/Jack.  Doesn’t take much before you start seeing them together in my fics.  Although, thanks to much encouragement from friends, I’ve branched out to Daniel/Vala fics, too.  I did write a Daniel/Sha’re fic which was completely unintentional. I doubt I ever do one again but it turned out pretty good.  A little bitter-sweet, though.  I have one unfinished story that hints at Jack/Sara post divorce.  I haven’t actually written the scene yet but there’s one where they get a little physical with all of their pent up emotions getting the best of them.  I like to believe there are still a few underlying feelings there that neither would want to get rid of but tend to just ignore most of the time.  In the story Sam walks in, though, and Sara tells Jack to go after her because it’s obvious where his true feelings are.  I think I might try writing some pre-divorce Jack/Sara stuff.

Millers Kill Mysteries: Easy–Russ/Clare.  It’s the reason I rushed through all seven books in a matter of 2 weeks while suffering from the flu and possible pneumonia.  But I also like Knox/Flynn and found myself wanting to see them more although I haven’t actually gotten around to writing them.  I think I probably will in the future, though.

My all time favorite to write, though, is definitely Jack/Sam.


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