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Six Sentences on Sunday

~*~Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, submitted, in progress, for your cat — whatever.~*~

(from Home She Came)

Russ sat up front, crisp and pressed in his best suit. A black suit. He hated it. There was only ever one reason to put it on. Right now he’d like to take it out to the woods and watch it burn. But instead he sat stoically, his mother at his side weeping softly.

(from Distraction From the Black)

“Coffee?” he asks, dumbly, and she nods—a look of relief on her face. After finally getting a couple sips he sets his mug down and watches his 2IC. “So, Carter, what brings ya round this early in the morning?”

She glances at her watch. “It’s 10:30, sir.”

“It’s Sunday, Carter.”

(from Camp Out)

She sees him shake his head—his silhouette just a shadow inside the tent. “Nothing. I just don’t wanna scare you.”

Sarah bristles. “I’m not scared.”

“Uh huh.”

He tosses the flashlight aside and squirms into his sleeping bag.

In Progress:
(untitled Russ/Clare drabble)

“It took me years to not jump at every backfiring car or bottle rocket going off.”

“I know.”

After a moment he lowered himself to the blanket next to her and sat quietly. She noticed he wasn’t watching the show. “Are you still on the clock?”

“Once a cop, always a cop.”

(untitled SG-1 prompt fic)

“Huh. That’s got to be a pretty common way to build a house, though. Right? The Stargate on Earth was buried long before they discovered the Americas.”

Daniel nodded. “It’s interesting, though.”


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