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Original fic: Chances Are Easily Lost (the story)

This is part of my Tucker/Sarah original work although it’s the first one from Tucker’s POV.  These are being written in the style of fanfic as little snippets that may or may not be “canon” in the future.  It’s kind of how I look at it.  It’s fanfic in reverse.  Some day I might use these ficlets to piece together a novel.  Some might make it in, some might just be back story, some might contradict each other and others may just be tossed to the side.  We’ll see.

Chances Are Easily Lost
by jennickels (aka Jen Connelly)
312 words
rating: PG

Tucker gets some unfortunate mail and realizes that feelings die hard and chances are easily lost.

don’t own… wish I did, but I don’t. No infringement intended.

Tucker stares at the card in his hand—some kind of fancy parchment with foil writing stamped on it. His stomach has twisted up into a painful knot that he doesn’t think will ever go away.

You are cordially
invited to the wedding of
Mr. David Dawson
Ms. Sarah Logan
the Twelfth of September
Two Thousand and Nine
Two o’clock in the afternoon

Tucker flips the card over, unable to read the words again but knowing his eyes can’t resist. He swallows the bile rising and clears his throat. Even though he knows there is no one else in the room he finds his gaze darting around wary of being watched. He holds the card to his forehead and he swears he can smell her perfume on it—that same flowery, earthy scent she wore when they were in school.

It’s been three years since he’s even seen her and, yet, the feelings having subsided. Not that anyone knew that. Hell, Logan didn’t even know that. And he doubted now that he’d ever get the chance to tell her. It was his own damn fault, he think as he finally moves from his frozen spot next to the mailbox—the perfume and the memories and the pain trailing after him. He had his chance and blew it. He knows that better than anyone. Logan deserves to be happy and if this Dawson guy is what does it for her…

He glances down at the card again, the words tearing into his heart leaving a gaping hole in his chest that he doesn’t think will ever heal. He knows that burning, crushing feeling will follow him the rest of his life. He’s not sure if that is an entirely bad thing. At least he’ll feel something, he thinks as the vice tightens and he’s sure he’ll never breath normal again.

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