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blocked and depressed

Writer’s block sucks.

Not sure why I’m depressed (other than it’s my natural state of being but I’m feeling more down than usual and don’t know why) but the writer’s block isn’t helping.  I was feeling great all day yesterday while we were at the zoo (for Jack’s birthday) even though my brother couldn’t find a parking spot to come hang out with us and I had some kind of sudden onset sinus pain that lasted an hour (with nothing to take for it).  Then we got home and did the cake and presents and then I started feeling down.  It’s not the birthday, though (that was fun and exciting and I’m happy my little guy is growing up).

I know my wedding ring is part of it.  I got us new bands for our anniversary in January but a couple months ago I started to have some kind of allergic reaction to mine.  Every time I wear it my finger gets all inflamed, red, itchy and I get blisters all over the one side.  I thought it was from getting water under it (it’s a wide band) and having it sit but even when I put it on for a few minutes my finger starts itching.  It just makes me so mad that I can’t wear my damn ring.

Then my oldest daughter got her ears pierced the other day and they are looking infected.  So I feel sad for her because she really wanted them done and now her ears are hurting her and there isn’t much I can do for her.  We can’t take her to the doctor until Monday.  She’s being a trooper but I know they are bothering her and it’s bugging her that hers got infected but her 8yo sister (who only got hers pierced because she was there and hubby dared her–I wasn’t there) is fine.

Blah.  I can’t seem to cheer up at all.

I’m thinking about quitting all my writing challenges.  I’m so completely blocked right now I can’t even imagine a story in my head.  I try and nothing comes to me.  I haven’t written anything in days (actually can’t remember the last time I wrote anything).  And it’s not just writing.  I can’t do any art stuff either.  😦

So having all my writing challenges hanging over my head is stressing me out and making me more depressed.  But I hate quitting.  Makes me feel like a failure.  Ugh.


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