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In lieu of doing a 6 Sentences on Sunday I’m going to do a First/Last (that I just made up while in the bathroom… probably too much information there).

I’m going to post the first and last sentences of every WIP I have.  You guess what happens in the middle (or not).  I’m just bored, the kids are driving me nuts because it’s raining and/or too wet to go outside and I have a migraine looming behind my right eye.

1. (original fic started for NaNo 09)
The ship rocked unsteadily under his feet. The deck lurched and Page grabbed for the nearest solid object only connecting with a rather disgruntled looking Sergeant. “Sorry,” he mumbled but the younger man paid him little attention other than to glare. Page ignored his insubordination as the ship pitched again back the other way. Expecting this he held fast to the railing around the upper level of the bridge.

After a few moments she pulled away and rested her head on his chest again, her hands sliding around his waist. He let his fingers drift through her long, wet hair and felt her breathing slow and even out. She hoped she would find the rest she needed and was intensely glad she felt safe with him. It had been a long time since he had felt needed by anyone. He leaned close and kissed her softly on the forehead before settling into a comfortable position and drifting off to sleep.

2.(story #5 in my alt!reality series)
“You what?” asked O’Neill and Kawalsky at the same time.

They quieted instantly but it lasted only a moment before the chatter began again. Where was Daniel when she needed him?

Daniel scanned the shelves of canned goods, his eyes glossing over at the sheer quantity of items. He didn’t remember shopping being this confusing or time-consuming. Then again, he had been so poor before he lived off of Ramen and frozen pizzas and lately… he just ate in the Commissary most of the time. Not that the food was spectacular, it was just easier.

Sara woke with a start, jerking violently from the covers. It took her a minute of hard breathing, her hearing straining for any sound, before she remembered where she was. She stayed sitting on the bed, the soft quilt clutched to her chest for another five minutes until her breathing slowed. By then her eyes had adjusted to the shaft of light floating in from the window. Jack’s guest room was

“Are you sure about this?”

Vala quieted down, finally relaxing into the seat.

5. (No Apologies–part 2 of a fic I haven’t posted yet)
The sound of hushed voices and conspiratorial whispers greeted Jack the next time the blackness receded. He groaned inwardly. When would this end? He strained to hear the people that must be standing nearby. The hum of the ever-constant monitors overpowered the sounds. He waited and slowly the voices cleared as his brain sorted out the noise from what was important.

Jack sighed. He knew Daniel was right–maybe overly imaginative in his post-traumatic, grief-stricken brain–but he was essentially correct. Something didn’t feel right about this and it was even odder for Daniel to be the one adamant about it. Jack wondered if Ar’ech was having a greater affect on him than he thought.

6. (NaNo 2010 SG-1 story)
The fire burned with a roaring intensity that could be felt even on the edge of the cliff some ten miles away. Striker watched from his invisible fortress, shielded from view by some alien technology pilfered on one of their first missions. He stood in a relaxed state, his hands held lightly behind his back as he watched his lab and the forest below burn.

Sam finally acknowledged him by turning a murderous glare his way. He didn’t seem to notice.

Jonas loved getting out of the mountain. It still took a lot to convince General Hammond to let him leave but Daniel had pleaded his case rather thoroughly and here he was. The sky was blue with puffy white clouds, the trees green and waving in the slight breeze and the air warm and filled with anticipation. At least Jonas thought it was.

“Cassie, let him in,” called a voice from inside the house. He recognized Dr. Fraiser who appeared a few seconds later. She pushed the girl out of the way and pulled Jonas into the house. “Ignore her

8. (Doing It Wrong)
Jack stared intensely at the offending distraction on the table. A room away he could barely make out the sounds of the hockey game he was trying unsuccessfully to watch. With a sigh he picked up one of the objects laid out before him turning it in his hands. Front, back, sides? This shouldn’t be so complicated, he thought; it’s not rocket science and, despite outward appearances, Jack wasn’t an idiot.

Jack briefly wondered if his son also inherited his wife’s innate ability to know just when he was about to screw up but shook it off. That is until he noticed the tag on the pants was most definitely not on the right side. With another sigh, one he realized had to be at least his hundredth of the day, he pulled the pants off and righted them.

Somewhere a phone rang. Loudly. Jack jerked awake, a requisition form stuck to his face. He pulled it off and wiped drool from the corner of his mouth. The form ruined, he crumpled it and tossed it aside. The phone was still ringing. With a sigh he picked it up.

Jack and Carter were still standing in the parking lot when a commotion at the front door caught their attention. Carter groaned at the same time Jack realized what was going on.

“This is nice,” the colonel said as he took in the view from atop the Stargate dais.

Daniel nodded before holstering his gun and tugging on his Boony hat.

11. (version 2 of above)
“This is nice,” the colonel said as he took in the view from atop the Stargate dais.

“What kind of ceremonies?” Daniel asked. Sam wasn’t surprised to see eagerness and interest where she felt suspicion and apprehensive. The colonel would be proud of her, she thought as she followed the two back towards the main part of the village.

“Now this is more like it,” the colonel said, stepping down from the ‘gate. He quickly slid on his sunglasses, a huge smile spreading across his face. Sam followed a few steps behind. “How come we don’t come to these tropical planets more often?”

The woman raised an eyebrow at her. “The supreme ruler, of course. The greatest of the gods:

13. (these 2 paragraphs are all there is)
I should have considered this scenario, I think as I’m shoved roughly to my knees. My hands are bound tightly behind my back with shackles, the hard metal cutting into my skin. In front of me the Goa’uld drones on and I stare with a determined smirk on my face. Not the best game plan in the book but if I’m going out it’s with a smile on my face just to piss it off a little more.

I hazard a glance to my right. Daniel is in a similar state, bound and kneeling close enough I can feel his jacket sleeve brushing my arm. He’s sporting a cut over his left eye and a trail of blood trickles down his cheek, dripping onto his collar. I’m proud of him. Somewhere along the line he changed from a naïve, overly optimistic archaeologist to some kind of half-assed Indiana Jones.

The path opened up to a valley stretching out below a ridge of shrubby brushes and overhanging trees. Jack considered the drop-off then picked his way through some brambles to find the roughly paved path again. The Stargate on this planet was set atop a cliff high in the mountains making the walk down tiring and tedious on the ill-kept road.


Russ pushed back in his seat, stretching his back. Every muscle felt tense, ready to snap. He hated missing person’s cases. There was too much tension, too much apprehension and expectation. Like an emotional roller coaster for the families. Half the time the person turned up completely oblivious to the stress they caused. He tried not to think of Linda. Or they were runaways that didn’t want to be returned. But there was always that chance of something worse. And it hung over the entire investigation like a storm cloud building to hurricane strength, just waiting to release it’s devastation.

Lois frowned but before she said anything else there was a noise in the hall

Another deal gone horribly awry, Mal thinks as he hunkers down behind an outcropping of rocks. Below him in the canyon the local law searches every house and crevice they can find. Too bad their lookin’ on the wrong side of town. Up in the hills the folk are simpler, not too in love with the city dwellers who tend to look down their noses at anyone without shoes. Mal glances at his companion–a twenty-something kid in tattered coat and dirty feet. He smiles broadly, several teeth missing, and gestures with his head. Mal follows him away from the ridge back into the trees.

Shepherd’s also found himself a little flock to minister to. They listen but Mal can tell they don’t really understand. But they still listen. Everyone’s keeping busy. And that naturally leads his thoughts to Inara.

17. (All the Time in the World–NaNo 08–Angel the Series)
The last rays of the evening sun tickled the tops of the buildings, glistening against walls of glass and steel. Pink and fiery orange tendrils reached out across the horizon, pleading to stay one more moment in the day, only to be taken over by the cool purple night. Behind him a few stray stars fought against the city lights for dominance in the sky and the moon played peek- a- boo through the wispy clouds.

Angel took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to keep his voice calm and even. “We have all the time in the world.”

“Hey Danny-boy, I think you’re gonna wanna see this…” Jack calls over his shoulder. He’s not sure Daniel’s heard him, though, over the whooshing and crunching of numerous machines cluttering the warehouse they gated into an hour ago. Inside ‘Gates never bode well but he let Daniel have his time to explore. Figures he’d find something before their archeologist.

He’s still trying to calm himself down when he hears Daniel yell from inside the room. “Jack! You have to see this. This mirror… I think it’s the Mirror of Erised.

You are cordially invited…

Jack rolls his yes and digs in the cooler for a fresh beer but finds nothing but melting ice. He groans and covers his face with wet hands, the cool liquid doing nothing to ease his tense muscles. He doesn’t want to talk about this. Especially with Daniel. He just wants to drink away the day and wake up next summer when it’s all over.

The world ended just like in the movies. It was probably the one thing Hollywood ever got right–when faced with global devastation humans revert to baser instincts. Every man for himself is the sentiment of the day. General Jack O’Neill had seen some heinous acts during his tours of duty but nothing prepared him for the sickening sight of everyday people turning on each other over a loaf of bread or a drop of water.

“Without communications…”

21. (another version of above story)
The world ended on a Tuesday–an unassuming early summer afternoon. It went down just like in the movies. Probably the only thing Hollywood ever got right.

“Sam! Sam, if you get this… I’m okay. I think. Oh god… it’s awful. Everything… it’s gone.”

According to Jack’s watch it’s 1300 hours–it beeps at him just to be sure–but the sun barely filters through the gray cloud cover. Ash seems to continually fall here causing coughing spasms that make you feel like your lungs are being turned inside out. Jack’s sure he’s got a pound of that stuff sitting in his chest.

A few agonizing minutes later the group approaches the end of the street. There’s five of them Jack sees as they get closer–four adults and a small child. It doesn’t mean anything he tells himself. Too many times he’d seen children used as decoys. And that was before.

She was glowing, Daniel thought, and not in the metaphorical, she’s pregnant kind of way. No, Vala was literally glowing–a sickish yellow-green color.

Mitchell cringed, his face flushing slightly. Sam snorted but said nothing.

I’m sure there are more that I don’t have on the computer or easily accessible in a notebook.  Hmmm.  I wish I could figure out how to finish some of these.  Which one would you like to see finished most?


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