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feeling better

I’m feeling a little more in sorts today.  It helps to have several stresses alleviated.

I’ve been internally worrying about doctors for the kids and infected ear piercings and dealing with the social security administration.

Today we took Meagan, Nora and Jack to the doctor.  Meagan went to get her ear checked but the salt water solution did the trick.  No infection at all.  She ended up having a full check up anyway and 2 shots since we were there (instead of coming back and having to pay the co-pay again).  She was almost 4’5″ (she’s grown like 2″) and 52lbs!  Two pounds in one year.  That’s a lot for her.  She’s 11, by the way and going into 6th grade.  She’s tiny and her weight and BMI aren’t even close to being on the charts any more but still–2lbs!

Nora went for her kindy checkup and shots.  She ended up needing 4 of them.  She was not happy.  She’s a little over 3’7″ and was 35lbs.  She’s tall and skinny (barely on the charts for her weight any more).

Then there was Jack.  If you read some earlier entries you might know that Jack isn’t insured and hasn’t seen a doctor since he was 5 days old.  Which is almost exactly 1 year ago today (he’s 1 year, 4 days old today).  Our problem has been that the hospital never applied for a SSN for him.  I have no idea why.  Plus they didn’t have the birth certificate automatically mailed to us like in the past so I had to order it online.  But the online fee plus the cost of the certificate came out to be like $40! which we didn’t even have until he was almost 6 months old.  Got that and tried to get his social security card only to find out that he didn’t have a number so we needed ID for him.  ID for a 6 months old!

After that things just got crazy and we forgot about it.  Next thing I know he’s turning 1 and hasn’t seen a doctor in a year.  Ugh.  So, since we have extra money this month we took him to have his goopy eyes looked at.  We just needed them to give us a letter stating his name, birth date and our names to prove he exists to the SSA.  While there I got talking with the doctor and she was very understanding and sympathetic.  She hooked us up with the letter and gave him a full checkup and offered us shots for $15.60 each which state aid will probably pay for once he’s on it.  He was not a happy boy by the end of the appointment.

Jack is 18lbs 11oz and 28″.  I swear he feels heavier.  He’s on the small size for his age which just amazes me because he’s wearing almost all 18 month clothes now.  Huh.  So he got his first round of shots and when we go back (with the state insurance) he’ll get the next round and she’ll give us a referral for the eye doctor because he’s going to need surgery on his tear ducts (we already knew that since we had the same issue with Brenna).

We immediately left the doctor’s office and drove to the SSA and got his application in.  Hopefully in 4 weeks he’ll have his card and I can get the insurance stuff up and going and we can amend our taxes (because were supposed to get another $1000 for him but I couldn’t put him on there without a SSN).

That whole thing is a huge weight off of me.  I already feel so much lighter and relaxed.  Also, while I was at the pediatrician with the kids, my husband took the other two over to the eye doctor to get them appointments.  Brenna has worn glasses since she was 18 months and was overdue for a checkup.  Owen has been complaining he can’t see far away.  He’s almost 10 which was right around the age I started having issues with my eye.  I got glasses in 4th grade (which is what he’s going into in the fall).  He’ll probably need them.  I can’t imagine him in glasses.  He’s going to look so different.

So all that is settled and I feel better.  It also helped that I was able to write a little last night.  The story I posted was mostly written last week but I did finish and edit it a lot (had to cut out almost 200 words to fit the word limit of the challenge which was actually a really big CHALLENGE for me, lol… I hate word limits).  It felt good to write anything.  Still haven’t decided if I want to drop out of my challenges yet.  I’m hoping this is a crack in the block and I can at least push out my sg1friendathon which is due in 2 weeks according to the email I got this morning.  Especially since I was the first to sign up.

Also feeling good because I started a “diet” (god, I hate that word but it’s easier than saying “adjusting my attitude about food and making a lifestyle change”) a couple weeks ago.  Mostly I’m just watching what I eat, portion control and all that (using sparkpeople.com).  I’ve lost like 15lbs already just cutting back on high fat food and controlling my portions.  I think my knees are already thanking me.  That’s not why I feel good, though (although that was a nice surprise).  I feel good because so far I haven’t felt like quitting.  I’ve pushed through the first hard days when I always felt hungry and envious of what everyone else was eating and now have accepted that I have to limit my food.  We went to the buffet today and I had 1 scoop of rice and stir fry, a huge helping of green beans and broccoli on the side and then a plate of salad and a scoop of cottage cheese.  I rounded that out by having a rice crispie treat and a oatmeal raisin cookie.  This is a big step up from when we were there on Thursday and I just didn’t worry about it.  I ate way too much that day but it was Jack’s birthday and we were at the zoo and there was cake so… yeah, I knew I was going over my limits that day.

Now I just need to get motivated to exercise.  Baby steps, I keep telling myself.

Anyway, I feel better now.  I’m also reading again hoping that will unblock my creative side.  It seems to be helping.  My dreams have already become more vivid and interesting (been reading Rachel500’s Aftershocks series… good stuff).  Oh and I broke down and bought a new mouse which is making me extremely happy.  Before I had an old Bamboo Fun tablet (the older one before the touch ones came out) but it’s mouse broke so I had to start using the mouse from an even older Wacom tablet I had before.  Well the last few weeks it’s been acting up–double clicking when you want to drag something or letting go when you are holding down to highlight stuff.  It was just crazy.  Now I have $50 mouse (YIKES!) and it works great.  I might get a new tablet but not plug it in unless I want to use it for art stuff.  Next up is a new keyboard because mine is burning through batteries like crazy.  When  I first got it things were fine.  I changed the batteries like every 6 months or something.  Now I have to do it at least once a month which is nuts.  But I need one of those ergonomic keyboards or I can’t type and they are pricey.

So, yeah, I’m rambling.  I should be cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry.  Or maybe walking to the store to get some chicken to grill up for dinner because all we have is high fat stuff in the house (we go through chicken really fast and our freezer only holds so much).


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