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So I’m feeling a little more “up” lately.  Anyone with depression can probably relate and understand.  Not sure if my muse is cooperating because I’m feeling better or I’m feeling better because my muse is cooperating.  Either way I’ve been a little more creative the last week.  But there’s more to come.

This is what is on my list (yes, there’s an actual list) coming up:

+still have to finish up my apocafic for the [info]sg1friendathon .  It was due Sunday so I submitted my story header and locked the post but it’s not done yet.  It’s close but not done.  My family keeps interfering with my progress (darn trips to the beach and shopping at Target).

+[info]het_bigbang  check in is August 15.  I’m supposed to have like 9k words done to get an artist hooked up with me.  I have, um, let me count… oh, right–zero words.

+just got assigned a writing assignment at [info]fictionland : 7 deadly sins.  Basically just write 7 drabbles relating to each sin using the same set of characters.  That’s due on the 16th.

+have to write an AU story of at least 500 words (more for more points) at [info]stargateland .  I was thinking of doing a continuation of my alt!reality series or my horrible, horrible bad!fic about the babies (I’ve had requests… I swear it).  It’s due on the 20th.

+also due on the 20th is this HUGE prompt table at [info]fictionland .  Okay, it’s not that huge but each story has to be 500 words at least and there are 9 prompts.  You can combine some into one larger story.  I started one but it got out of control really fast so I’m going to need to focus on writing shorter stuff.

+and I really wanted to hit up one of those prompts at [info]one_prompt .  I did the last 2 prompts (my story Not Her Idea was like the only one entered the one time).  That’s due on the 31st.

+of course, [info]het_bigbang  is due in full on September 25.

and none of that includes all the little challenges that get tossed my way.



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