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NaNo planning

It’s getting to be that time of year again–NaNoWriMo time.  Yesterday (after watching several episodes of Farscape so it was on my brain) I had an idea for a story… just an inkling.  I’ve been trying to develop it further so I have something to write in November.  I’m kind of burnt out on Stargate and still haven’t finished last year’s epic SG-1 novel.  If I write an original story it will continue my pattern.  I wrote That 70s Show fic in 2005, nothing in 06 and 07 (participated just never got more than a couple thousand words and can’t remember what I was writing anyway but I’m sure one was an original fic), Angel fic in 2008, original fic in 2009 and SG-1 last year.  So it’s time for original fic again.  🙂

All I’ve got right now are a couple characters and the beginning plot.  Sort of.  I just need to figure out what the hell is going on.

The characters I have:
Logan March–gets tossed into the future where Earth is a shrine and he’s forced to live on a pilgrimage ship.  He doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.

So’fey–a high priestess who befriends Logan when he’s first discovered.  She realizes he is an “ancestor” and must be revered (that aggravates Logan to no end).  She’s basically the guide in his new life.

Del-Bay Co’val–the love interest.  At the beginning she’s a slave, bound to the captain (who’s last name is Bay, the hyphenated name signifies her servitude) and the ship.  She was the daughter of a kind on one planet but when famine struck he sold her for help.  She’s grown up on slave ships her whole life never trusting anyone.  People have always used her for what they wanted then traded her away.  At some point Bay is going to be killed (either right at the beginning or right before the story starts).  He doesn’t leave a “will” stating who she should go to next so she is “free” except she is still physically bound to the ship by a microchip.  She can only go so far from it or she will die.  She’s basically as low as it comes in society so everyone looks down on her.

That’s all I have so far.  I still need an antagonist.  I’m thinking it will be whoever tries to take over control of the ship.  He’ll want to control Del-Bay, too, and Logan won’t like that and it will get messy.

But I also need a greater evil for them to deal with, something catastrophic that is going to happen for them to fight.  Haven’t decided on that.  Might have something to do with whatever temporal event shoots Logan into the future.  Also need to come up with a sidekick/buddy for Logan.

As for plot… I have little.
The idea came to me while I was in the shower yesterday.  Like I said, Farscape was on my mind so I was thinking of Crichton getting tossed into a different world stuck on a ship with a bunch of aliens/people he didn’t know and having to adapt.  It kind of spiraled from there.

Actually the first scene I imagined was between my hero and the girl.  They get into an argument because she’s so untrusting that she rarely speaks to anyone.  He’s pushing her too hard to open up and it explodes.  Well, he does.  He starts ranting about her considering the fact that he might actually be interested in her as a person (and not just an object).  Then he realizes that is actually how she feels.  She’s never known anyone to not use her, that’s been her entire life.

So then I had to figure out how these two people knew each other.  Kind of reversed engineered the story from that scene.  I think strangely when figuring out a story.  It rewound to how Logan ended up a stranger on this ship.  The time travel thing just popped into my head.  I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to start (I’ve been playing around with ideas in my head all morning) but at the beginning Logan is not on the planet.  He’s in orbit or on the moon or something to that effect.  I was thinking on the dark side of the moon because they loose contact with Houston momentarily.  They are then hit by the temporal rift.

I had 2 different scenarios come to me.  One where they rotate back to find Earth destroyed.  The other has them being transplanted in time to the sanctuary on the moon in the future with Logan being the only one to survive.  The other astronauts are merged with the structure since they weren’t standing in the right spot.  Lot of screaming from tourists ensues.  This morning I was trying to think of a way to incorporate both.  I was thinking they get kind of a flash-glimpse of the destroyed Earth while sitting on the moon before they are pushed into the future.  Details to work out later.

After that I don’t have a definitive plot.  Logan is taken in by So’fey who explains that he is on a pilgrimage ship.  At some point in our future humans left Earth to colonize space but then Earth was destroyed becoming some big touristy shrine.  A temple was built on the moon and groups of people make pilgrimages regularly.  So’fey tells Logan that the ruins are called “Te’arra”.  I’m trying to come up with some normal English words for things and kind of butcher their pronunciations with apostrophes.  It won’t go through the entire story but for some of the names and important things to the plot, like the planet.  The words have changed over time.  Logan tells her that he’s from the planet and he called it “Earth” and that’s when she realizes he is an ancestor although she has no idea why or how he got there only that he is to be revered and worshiped.  Logan has to accept her help since he’s completely lost but he can’t stand her religious nonsense.

That’s all I have.  Like I said I need more characters.  Got to have that whacky group of people inhabiting the ship for Logan to deal with.  Need an antagonist.  Need some actual plot.  Need to figure out the ways the culture of the future differs from Logan’s (who is apparently from our future since he’s on the moon… still havne’t figured out why he was on the moon in the first place).  I did think up one line for Logan.  I was imagining him learning about Del’s slavery and Logan says, “I thought you were supposed to get more enlightened in the future.”  Apparently not for them.  So’fey ends up giving him a little lesson about it (haven’t figured that out, though).


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