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Jack is walking

Jack decided to take his fist steps today. He’s 13 1/2 months old. We were all shocked and excited and Daddy was there to see it (he missed most of this stuff with the other kids).

See, up until today Jack refused to have anything to do with independent walking. He’d cruise the furniture and walk if he held your hands but if you even tried to let go of him he’d drop right to his knees. I could never get him to stand more than a second and then if you tried a second time he’d get mad and refuse to put his feet down.

Tonight my husband was lying on the couch teasing him with a toy and Jack actually let go of the couch to try and reach for the toy. That lead to use cheering which led to him being more daring. He’d let go and lean over for a second then fall down and laugh. Then he started taking a little half step before purposefully falling. Within a few minutes he escalated to a couple of steps.

The more we clapped the more excited he got and the more he wanted to try it. Then he just up and walked across the room. He went from refusing to even try to walk on his own to walking every where and standing up in the middle of the room without help or holding anything.

I’m so excited. By tomorrow night he’ll probably be running through the house. We are in so much trouble. He’s a mischievous little guy just like his namesake.


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