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by the numbers

I was curious to see how much I’ve written this year. Just curious because in all my years of wanting to write I’ve done very little until this year. Coming upon the Stargate fandom has really gotten me going. It really started last November with NaNo and my epic, and yet unfinished, SG-1 novel.

Anyway, I opened up my database of stories and added up all the totals. Then I went back and figured out the words I have written for all my unfinished fics that are saved to the computer. That was for both fanfic and my original stories.

In 2011 I have so far written 146,673 words and it’s only the end of August. There are still four more months left including NaNo in November which will most likely add an additional 50k words to my total. WOW! And that number does not include several stories I have written in notebooks but have yet to type up. There’s probably another 10k that’s handwritten.

Since Last October (the first story I have listed since NaNo 2009) I have written a grand total of 226,029 words (not including those not typed up). I’m just amazed at this number. In contrast in 2008 I basically wrote my NaNo story and a few drabbles. So around 52k or so. In 2009 I only wrote my NaNo story.


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