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NaNo planning: characters

[not to self: need AWESOME NaNo icon pronto]

Last week some time, on another site, I made this very awesome post about my proposed NaNo endeavor that went into detail about the characters I have figured out thus far.  I was quite proud of it but didn’t think to copy any of it down.  Why would I when I planned to check back into the thread in the following days to see if anyone responded.

Except when I checked back said post was no where to be found.  It has disappeared into internet oblivion along with my descriptions.  That I DIDN’T.  WRITE.  DOWN.


It’s not that I don’t remember most of the details it’s just that the whole thing came sound really put together in that post.  Like I actually knew what I was talking about and that these characters are more than just shells floating in my head.  Sigh.  I sigh a lot lately.  Now I have to try and remember what I had.

+ Logan March: an astronaut who is on a mission to the moon when he and his team lose contact with Earth.  He finds himself transported into a very distant, strange future where Earth is no more and there’s a shrine on the Moon to the “lost ancestors”.  He’s accused of defiling one of the exhibits in the museum when he’s found in his spacesuit and arrested by the temple’s security chief.  He meets So’Fey, a priestess, while in the jail.  She realizes he is in fact an “ancestor” and helps him to get out of custody and fit in with the denizens of the pilgrimage ship that is in orbit around the Moon.  He’s instantly at odds with Captain Bay and the ship’s own security chief.  He also meets Del-Bay, a slave belonging to the captain.  He doesn’t get how the future can be so dystopian with slaves (sex slaves, no less) and feels superior to the modern humans inhabiting the ship.  Which doesn’t help ease things between him and Bay.  Del becomes a sore spot between the two with the security chief getting caught in the middle of their dispute (hence his loathing for Logan).  Eventually Logan comes to terms with the issue and learns to live with things as they are.  The fact that there are more pressing matters at hand helps.  The whole universe is in flux with time warping bubbles popping up all over the place causing all sorts of havoc.  Now he has to find a way to get back to his own time or stop the flux before it tears apart space-time.

+ So’Fey is the first main character Logan meets after jumping to the future.  She’s a “priestess” in the loosest sense of the word.  She’s older, probably in her 60s, but is sharp and not afraid to speak her peace.  Which doesn’t help her in her in her spiritual endeavors.  She’s constantly in trouble with the law and her own religious order for not following traditions and rules but she has her own moral and ethical code she lives by.  She also knows how to work the system to get what she needs.  She comes off as being this kind, flakey gramma type but it’s obviously some kind of ruse because Logan first meets her in the temple jail where she’s locked up for unknown reasons.  The chief lets her go, though, with minimal fuss making it seem as this is a common occurrence for them.  She realizes right away that something is different about Logan and surmises that he is from the past (an ancestor) who most people in her time worship like gods.  She helps him get out of jail and takes him to the pilgrimage ship in orbit and teaches him about her time.  Her motives are unclear, seemingly altruistic and selfish at the same moment (is she in it for the greater good of beings or wanting to use Logan’s ancestor status to gain power/respect in her own order?).  But she does help him and seems to be liked by the slaves and other lower classes in the strictly class-bound ship.

+ Del-Bay (who has a last name that I can’t think of at the moment) is a slave attached to the captain of the ship, Bay.  Her hyphenated name denotes her status and owner.  She was born on a small moon, one of many daughters of the ruling king.  When famine strikes the moon he sells his children for the “greater good” so to speak.  She doesn’t know if her planet survived since she was very small when she was taken away (around 5 or 6).  She’s gone through many owners, changing hands depending on her usefulness.  Despite the distasteful nature of slavetrading they have strict rules about what certain ages/genders can do.  When she comes of age sexually she is then sent off to a brothel.  She’s not treated badly persay and since being a slave is all she knows it isn’t extremely traumatic for her but she’s never felt loved or even has a concept of love.  She’s just passed from one owner/lover to another without much thought of it.  As long as she pleases her owners she will be well treated (like a prized pet or star worker).  Sometimes she was treated better than the paid workers.  At some point Bay comes to own her and becomes captain of the ship.  He treats her okay and her capacity is strictly that of assistant, managing many of the mundane tasks on the ship in the guise of the captain.  She isn’t treated as well by other crew members.  Many don’t take highly to the lofty position she holds as just a slave (having basically more responsibility and better perks than they do even if they have freedoms she doesn’t).  One of the higher officers (no name at the moment) is particularly hateful towards her.  Later he tries to gain ownership of her when Bay dies.  The other slaves don’t much care for her either, thinking she is snobbish even when she isn’t just for the fact that she is held in such regard by the captain (just the fact that he trusts her explicitly with the day to day activities of the ship results in her being an outcast on all fronts).

+ Captain Bay (haven’t thought of a first name yet) is the original captain of the pilgrimage ship.  He’s a mostly fair leader and strives for efficiency in the running of the ship, using Del to keep things running smooth.  He’s more about following the rules and keeping with the status quo.  That despite the fact that he uses Del as, basically, an XO instead of the military trained officer at his disposal.  Which, according to their laws, is acceptable.  His ship, his choice of servants, officers, assistants and their official jobs (they technically aren’t a military vessel–complicated political-social muckings will be thought about later, lol).  Eventually he dies, though, leaving the ship in turmoil.  Well, that and the fact that the ship is nearly destroyed in one of the time fluxes.  Lots of people die, the ship is wrecked and things are all over the place in chaos.

Those are the only characters that I have even really thought out.  I have more details for some of them or, at least, ideas of the plots surrounding key moments for those characters.

Other characters (mostly no names at the moment):

+ Mr. No Name Officer–he takes over after Captain Bay dies and immediately tries to take Del, too.  She is literally enslaved to the ship by something techno-babbley that I won’t think about at the moment so she can’t physically leave even though Bay is dead and her servitude to him is ended.  She’s technically free since he didn’t leave her to anyone but No Name insists ownership should revert to the new captain.  The law isn’t on his side, though, and Del is free to go about her life… never leaving the ship, though.  This creates more tension between him and Logan who has deemed himself Del’s champion (much to her chagrin, she doesn’t need a champion and thinks her life is not too bad despite the slavery).  Not sure how long No Name will be in command since he’s not well liked.  Might have to kill him off early (friendly fire, anyone?).

+ Security Chief (of the ship)–doesn’t have a name yet, either but he’s going to be kind of one those flip-floppy friend/foe kind of guys.  He’s morally sound so will side with whoever his own conscious tells him is right so he gets stuck in the middle of a lot of posturing between Bay/No Name and Logan.  The captain usually has the law on his side which Chief holds highly but Logan has ethics and morality on his side (sometimes).  Eventually it will come to a head where the Chief finally has to choose a side causing him to be outcast along with So’Fey and Logan, his two biggest troublemakers.

+ The “Big Bad”–since this post doesn’t get into plot all I’ll say is he’s a mad scientist guy but I don’t have any real motives behind his actions, yet.  He’s the one causing the time flux stuff and needs to be stopped before his insanity destroys the universe.

I’m also in need of a “sidekick” for Logan.  Not sure if I want to go with another guy or a tomboyish girl (I’m partial to the tomboy because I am one).  I know it’s all cliche but that’s the point.  I’m getting all the plots straight from TVtropes.  All my favorite sci-fi tropes will be included.

For the sidekick/best friend I could go with the guy that kind of takes pity on Logan and helps him out in jams but ends up being evil in the end throwing things off balance.  Or with the girl who’s “one of the guys” or in another way under the radar but turns out to be totally kick ass when she needs to be.  Or it could be both as in it starts out mainly being one or the other and has to switch because of events.

The plot is following a television episodic storyline.  So there will be many shorter stories (or episodes as I will call them) linked together by longer story arcs.  I was thinking he’d befriend both the guy and girl and when the guy turns evil he’ll have the back up of the girl as his sidekick.  I also want her there for later “love interest” because I have an idea for later (don’t want to spoil it just yet).

Plus I need like a million other smaller characters to flesh out the reality.  Firstly Logan’s crew that he’s with on the moon before the time flux.  They’re going to die right at the beginning but I need names and something to make them real to him.  Plus other officers, crew and slaves on the ship.  Other people in So’Fey’s religious order (her leaders that don’t like her).  And other random miscreants on the ship.  Just your regular extras you’d see on a TV show.  It helps to have this all plotted out or have them in reserve so I’m not making crap up on the fly (which is my usual style).


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