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Had to steal this from someone on my flist because I’m just like that.  🙂

16 years ago, I: was a freshman in college, living in the dorms with my very irritating roommates (Jenn, Michelle and Stacy) and just starting to date David; living in Kirksville, MO

10 years ago, I: was married to Patrick (for about 19 months by then) and had 2 beautiful kids–Meagan was 15 months and Owen was a couple weeks old; we were living in Chicago with my dad and just trying to make ends meet

5 years ago, I: was going crazy trying to get 3 costumes together in time for Halloween (nothing like waiting until the last minute)–Meagan was 6 and went as a witch, Owen was 5 and went as Batman, Brenna was almost 4 and went as a clown and Nora wore the Tigger costume all the kids wore their first time out (Jack will wear it this year); we were living in Coraopolis, PA

3 years ago, I: I was still plugging along, figuring out costumes for the kids and trying to make our meager ends meet in the middle somewhere, lol–the kids were 8 (went as a hippie), 7 (Darth Vader), almost 6 (witch) and 2 1/2 (mummy); we were living in Chicago… again

1 year ago, I: was still getting used to our new house, broke as I can ever remember (barely able to feed ourselves) but enjoying life, we even managed to have Halloween–Meagan (10) was a rock star, Owen (9) was an old man, Brenna (almost 7) was a she-devil, Nora (4 1/2) was a witch and Jack (3 1/2 months) wore an orange shirt; we were living Washington state (we move around a lot, lol)

Yesterday, I: did the dishes, some laundry, cleaned the house, cooked, cleaned up the yard, listened to Meagan complain about math homework (which took her from 3pm-8pm to do–hopefully it’s all caught up now) and stayed up late screwing around online–the kids are thinking about being: Meagan (11)-nerd, Owen (10)-no idea, Brenna (almost 9)-nerd or hippie, Nora (5 1/2)-hippie or baby and Jack (15 months) is wearing the Tigger costume; still living in Washington (thankfully)

Today, I: did dishes, some laundry, cleaned the house, cleaned both bathrooms and screwed around on the computer, lol

Tomorrow, I: get working on a story, start plotting out my NaNo and/or nap (the kids have no school so I doubt I get to do any of that stuff)


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