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OMG, I forgot how much I LOVE the toddler stage.  Jack’s starting to talk and it’s just so freaking cute.  I missed his first words because I didn’t realize he was saying words.  They just sounded like his regular grunts and noises and then one day I realized he was actually trying to say something.  Over the last month or so I’ve started to hear more and more distinguishable noises that are obviously words.  And some of those are actually starting to sound like real words that other people will recognize.

His first word (that I recall actually recognizing as a word) was mine.  It sounds more like “MY” but with the vowel cut short.

He also says dog, up, ball, mama (and now he means me when he says it, YAY), dada, out (occasionally), uh-oh, boo, more, and my personal favorite, night-night (sounds like ny-ny). Forgot another one: hot.  And he knows what it means.  If I tell him something is hot he’ll stop trying to touch it right away and will point at it and tell me “ha”.  (He cuts all his vowels short and doesn’t say the last syllable which is why I didn’t realize his mumblings were actual words at first.)

Now when I put him to bed and say, night-night, he repeats it back.  It’s so cute.  I think I’ve heard him say his own name, too.  He only did it the one day.  He doesn’t say much but he understands everything which is hilarious, too.  Yesterday he was playing by me and I told him, “I’m gonna get you,” and he started laughing and making “tickle hands” (flexing his fingers like he was tickling) because that’s what I say right before I tickle him.  I was cracking up.

He also knows “diapey change” means to go over to the corner where we keep his diaper stuff.  Sometimes he’ll just go over there and wait or sometimes he’ll take off running because he doesn’t want his diaper changed.  But he understand what it means and what to do.  One day he was just kind of hovering around the box and pulled all the diapers out.  I’m like, “do you want your diaper changed?” and he plopped down on the floor and waited, lol.  Then last night I actually got him to throw something away.  I’ve been working with him off and on about throwing stuff away.  So I used one of his wipes to clean his face and told him to go throw it away and he walked right over to the trash can, checked to make sure I was watching and tossed it in.  I was so proud.

And he knows that, “wanna go bye-bye,” means he needs to get his shoes on and go to the door.  Usually he skips the shoe part, lol.  As soon as my husband says bye-bye Jack runs for the garage door.  Heck, if he sees us putting our shoes on he runs for the door hoping he gets to go, too.

Now if only he would learn to say eat or milk or something to that effect so the other people in the house will remember to feed him.  Yesterday I ran to the store.  Jack was napping when I left and when I got back an hour or so later (I walked) he was screaming his head off and hubby and all the kids insisted he just wanted me and nothing else would do.  I picked him up and asked him what was wrong.  When he calmed down some I started asking him all the regular things that are wrong with him (starting with the fact that he’s getting 2 molars and a 3rd tooth all at the same time… OUCH).  Then I’m like, “are you hungry, want to eat-eat.”  And he immediately threw his hands toward the kitchen like, “YES, finally someone understands.”


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