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I’m going through my pictures and just realized I have none of them from last Halloween on this computer.  So I checked my external hard drive and they aren’t on there either.  Which means they are only saved to my other computer.  Which has no graphics card in it so I can’t turn it on and find them.

I guess I never transferred them to the external so now I don’t have them on this computer.  I was missing Easter 2011 pictures, too.  I thought I just didn’t take any (Easter isn’t that big of a deal in our house) but now they might just be on the other computer that I can’t get into.  Ugh.

I was sure I had EVERYTHING backed up.  A couple years ago I had to do a complete system wipe and thought I backed everything up only to find out I missed the folder with Owen’s kindergarten graduation pictures in it.  So now all I have of that day are 4 edited photos I uploaded to a website (and they aren’t high-res in the least).  I lost all the pictures of him with his friends (kids he’ll never see again).

Now this.  All I have on this computer from last Halloween are the photos I edited and saved to put online so they are small files, low-res.


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