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my hair

This is how my hair looks now.  I hate how long it is and the front is all gray (not that it really bothers me but lately it just makes me feel old).

Not sure how to get it cut, though.  I like it short and easy to take care of.  I don’t “do” my hair.  I don’t own a curler, hair spray or anything like that.  I have a brush and shampoo (don’t even use conditioner because I don’t like how my hair feels after).  At the most I pull it into a ponytail.  Normally I get it cut to my chin (sometimes shorter at the beginning of summer–it looks a little silly at first but it grows fast).  Last time I got my hair cut was last fall, I think.  I never got around to cutting it this summer.

This was from a few years ago.  That wasn’t too long after I got it cut.  Yikes, didn’t realize how much “chubbiness” I lost in my face since I started dieting.  Only 30lbs but you can see my cheeks aren’t as full anymore and my face doesn’t look so round.

The long hair looks nice on me but I just HATE it and want it gone.  It’s too much upkeep.  I want simple and short but I don’t think super short will look good on me.  I could pull it off as a kid but not now at 235lbs.

Me when I was like 8 or 9 with my mom.  I wore my hair short like that most of my childhood but in 3rd grade I had a little boy haircut.  Which was really out of place at the time and the school I was going to.  Now it’s much more common.  And I haven’t worn bangs since like 9th grade (20 years ago!).



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